Child Friendly Slots Games – Why Are They Still Allowed?

Child-friendly slot games are incredibly controversial. It is illegal for somebody under the age of 18 to play online slots, so when developers start releasing slots that appeal to those who are younger, there are many issues that start to arise. Luckily, there are various rules in place which help to ensure that children stay away from these slot games at

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Age Limit Laws And Other Restrictions

The slot industry has always been focused on adults, similar to drinking in a bar or buying cigarettes. Children are easily influenced, making the already addictive online slots even more dangerous for them to play. There are a variety of restrictions that have been introduced to make sure that children won’t play online slots.

  1.  A strict age limit has been introduced, players must be aged 18 or over to play online slots.
  2. Players need to show proof of identity in casinos; this can be a driver’s license or passport.
  3. Failing to do so will mean that they cannot access any winnings they may have received and they could even be fined.
  4. Slot developers can get in trouble for producing games that accidentally appeal to children, facing fines, and even game removal.

How Can A Slot Be Child Friendly?

While online slots are supposed to appeal to adults, thanks to the diverse range of themes available, it is inevitable that a few will find themselves crossing demographics.

  • Using child-friendly images such as cuddly toys or kittens can appeal to a child for obvious reasons.
  • A slot not being transparent in its advertising that it is aimed at adults can also confuse. Some advertisements focus more on the characters than the game which can result in children getting interested in the slot.
  • Using overtly cartoony characters can also cause issues as they can easily be mistaken by children for being meant for them and even provoke an early interest.


There have been many controversies surrounding child-friendly slots, with a crackdown by governing bodies taking place over recent years. Slot developers and casino sites will often have to defend themselves when gambling bodies determine that they are hosting a game that appeals to children. The gambling commission recently released an open letter to casinos saying that child-friendly slot games should be removed effective immediately.

Though they never specified which slots they were referring to, NetEnt’s Jack and the Beanstalk was removed by casino sites pretty unanimously. The gambling commission is the main regulatory body for UK gambling, so it is accepted that their word is pretty much final.

Final Thoughts

Child-friendly games are not still allowed. While it is easy to see why a slot would appeal to children, mainly if its theme is overtly cartoonish or features fluffy animals, there is still no reason why developers should be creating child-friendly slots. Regulatory bodies such as the gambling commission are clear about the limits of appeal, and they should be followed lest developers wish to be fined or even banned.

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