Cloud Tsunami: Cool Things You Might See On A Helicopter Tour

I have a bucket list in my head and taking a helicopter tour in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is on my list right next to scuba diving. I have the over (aerial) and under (below sea level) adventures covered. I must admit, flying is not something I love to do because I like to be the one at the controls. If I were a licensed pilot, I would probably enjoy the activity of flying a whole lot more but that is another topic. Imagine if this was your ride, your day to go up into the sky to get a glimpse of the coast for a birds-eye view. As you ascend into the sky and you look out the window, you see a faux tsunami. It’s one that is both beautiful and painless to the world beneath.

Now, I must admit that as a Photoshop user, at first glance I had to really inspect these photos and see if they are more art than real. I am sure you also studied them to see if they were suspect for digital enhancement. What is happening here is not a digital illusion, but rather a weather phenomenon that would make any weather geek really giddy.

The photos are really spectacular and honestly I can understand why a meteorologist would be all geeked out viewing these photos taken by the pilot flying for Panhandel Helicopter Tours. The sweeping white wispy waves floating over the condominiums that line the coast of Panama City Beach, Florida are breathtaking and mysterious.

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phenomenom community waves flowing

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