Creative Soundsuits | George Costanza Style

Remember the Seinfeld with George Costanza’s business suit that made loud rustling noises when he walked? That was always one of the funniest episodes to me, and even though this article is supposed to be about “cultural soundsuit art,” I can’t stop laughing because this reminds me so much of George Costanza.

After reading Misty’s article about beatboxing yesterday, I started thinking about all the creative ways we each create our own music. Sounds, just like certain scents, can instantly bring back a special memory or offer comfort in a hectic moment.

I’d like to share an artist with you that also loves exploring sounds. Nick Cave, a Chicago based artist and educator, is known for creating soundsuits which are costumes that create unique sounds when you walk or move inside of them. (Yes, he shares the same name as the musical genius.)

According to, these suits are “made from layers of metal, plastic, fabric, hair, found objects, and other things that rub together to make noise. Many of Cave’s soundsuits are politically/socially inspired and have deeper meanings than just looking fantastic and making rustle sounds.” You can learn more about Nick by visiting the School of the Art Institute of Chicago website.

Thank you to for some of these great photos.