If Seinfeld Would Have Had Access To Social Media [Comics]

You see, I was never one of the biggest fans of Seinfeld. I liked watching it, I definitely did, but I never planned my life around it like some people did back when it was a new show. The setup was easy and everyone could identify with the topics they brought up; however, they of course took it way farther than normal people ever would, or at least I thought they did. I find it interesting that people still watch it in such huge numbers since the topics they dealt with are from the ’90s, and they don’t necessarily rhyme with what’s happening today.

What if Seinfeld would have had social media at its disposal? Would the series have been much different? The people over at C-Section Comics took the concept of social media and swung it into the Seinfeld series, and the hilarious stuff that comes out of it is mind-numbing. I think with this kind of edge to it, Seinfeld could have definitely been able to go on for another 10 years if the cast would have been up for it, right?

All you really need to do in order for a scene to be rewritten is throw an iPad or a smartphone into the mix and you have yourself some seriously interesting interaction. The way the C-Section Comics guys have approached this is brilliant, and think I would have actually liked the new Seinfeld if there ever was some new shows recorded. I might have even liked it more than the original series. You never know, maybe they will have a change of heart and go for a few more shows in the future. God knows the fans would love it!

Seinfeld But With Social Media

Seinfeld But With Social Media

Seinfeld But With Social Media

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