Creative Watermelon Jello Shots: A Taste Of Summer

I’ve been writing all my articles this week from a suite overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. I look even more like a geek than usual since my pale white skin is bright red with sunburn. It’s obvious that I don’t get out into the sun enough. I’m still waiting for the day when someone invents an augmented reality type of computer monitor with a window to the outside. That way, we could get a suntan while geeking out at our desks, maybe. Since in this part of the country it’s summertime already, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to turn on my heater beneath my desk at home where it’s still cold.

If you are in a part of the world where it’s cold right now, I thought I’d bring a little sunshine and summer to your world today by featuring a summer delight… watermelon Jello shots! These little badboys are so adorable, and I bet they are tasty also. Just looking at them makes me want to jump in the swimming pool.

These aren’t just ordinary Jello shots either. Each one is fancy and made within a little piece of hollowed out lime. Instead of using water to make the Jello, use vodka instead. To make the little watermelon seeds, poke a few tiny pieces of mini-chocolate chips into your Jello shots, or use a black edible marker to make the dots. These were of course created by Erica over at Sweet Tooth. That girl is brilliant! If you’d like to try these for yourself, just click over to Watermelon Lime Jello Shots for the full tutorial.

Fruit Slices Summer Shots

Fruit Slices Summer Shots

Fruit Slices Summer Shots

Via: [Sweet Tooth] [That’s So Michelle]