Darth Vader In Lego Land: Humor Served By Eddie Izzard

I had such a busy day today. The best defense to any day like today is to just find a good video and laugh out loud. My friend Samir shared this video with me, he says it’s his favorite. When I watched it, I found out why, it’s a clip of Darth Vader. The situation is that Lord Vader himself is in the canteen of his ship (Death Star) and is arguing with the canteen food server. The result is hilarious.

The characters were given life by Eddie Izzard. Edward JohnEddieIzzard (born 7 February 1962) is an English stand-up comedian, actor and long distance runner. His comedy style takes the form of rambling, whimsical monologue and self-referential pantomime. Izzard’s works include stand-up sets Unrepeatable, Definite Article, Glorious, Dress to Kill, Circle, Sexie and Stripped. He had a starring role in the television series The Riches as Wayne Malloy and has appeared in many motion pictures such as Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen, Mystery Men, The Cat’s Meow and Across the Universe.

The guy is a genius. You don’t believe me? Just click on the video, and you will know what I mean.