One Man Show: This Guy Is The Lord Of The Lord Of The Rings

It’s one of my favorite movie series of all time.  It was a wonder of its time, and the making of it spanned about 10 years all together.  Of course, I am talking about The Lord of The Rings.  The casting couldn’t have been better and each of the characters in the movies have become lifelong memories of movie history.  Some people have said that we will never again see movies with such a vast story line and rich cinematography where we’ll see so many live actors work together in one scene.  The Massive system (a software that simulates massive amounts of intelligent characters interacting) that was developed has most likely been developed further, which only proves that computer generated characters will inhabit our movies more and more when it comes to battle scenes such as the ones in The Lord of The Rings.

However, as it turns out, there are some crazy fans out there that really get into the whole Tolkien world and remember everything.  And I really mean everything!  Tim McGovern is one of those guys, and he reenacts the whole first movie (The Fellowship of The Ring) and does it in less than 10 minutes.  When I watch this clip, I wonder what he left out cause the storyline, dialogs and everything is everything I remember from the first movie.

This YouTube clip doesn’t have near enough views to complement the awesomeness of what he accomplished during the less than 10 minutes he reenacts The Lord of The Rings.  So, if you are in a hurry but still want to watch The Lord of The Rings, this short version is more than awesome enough to spend those 10 minutes you have left until you have to get going again.

Tim McGovern Reenactment Scene

Frodo Baggins Movie Image