Deposit & Withdrawal In The Online Casino – You Have To Pay Attention To That

Next to the lobby of a casino, the deposit and withdrawal page is the most visited page by players. The reason is very simple: “Without a deposit, there’s nothing going on in the casino either”. In order to really get started in a casino, you first have to make a deposit. If you then manage to be successful with that deposit, the next step is a withdrawal. This is how money gets back into your bank account.

In this page, we want to deal in detail with the topic of deposits and withdrawals in non GamStop casinos. Let’s see what options there are for payments. What should be considered when making deposits at GamStop casinos? And what do you have to pay attention to when paying out in the casino? We explain how you can best deal with this topic.

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How To Deposit In The Non GamStop Casino?

In order to give players as much flexibility as possible, casinos not on GamStop offer a variety of deposit options. We have created a brief overview of this below:

Credit Cards

Credit cards are among the most popular deposit options. First and foremost, the casinos not on GamStop offer Visa and MasterCard as deposit options. It should be noted, however, that some casinos not on GamStop charge a deposit fee of around 2% of the deposit amount if you deposit with a credit card. You can read about whether this is the case with the casino of your choice, or you can contact the casino support directly. In the live chat, you can get information quickly and competently.

Web Wallet

Web wallets are electronic purses that are used to deposit money and allow you to pay online. The three most popular web wallets in the gambling space are Paypal, Skrill and Neteller. Paypal is not available in every casino not on GamStop, but Skrill and Neteller should be offered as payment options in every reputable casino.


Similar to a prepaid telephone card, a Paysafecard is a card that can be purchased in different denominations at a gas station, for example. Each Paysafecard has an identification number. This is entered when making a deposit in the casino, and the value of the respective card is credited to your casino account. The Paysafecard offers you great anonymity. Because if you paid for them in cash, the expense would not appear anywhere on your bank statements.

Bank Transactions

Most casinos also offer the option of making a transfer from your bank account to the casino’s bank account. As soon as the transfer arrives at the casino, the credit will be added to your player account. The disadvantage of this method is that the deposit can take a few days. While you can start gambling immediately with the methods described above, you have to wait a few days for a bank transfer.

A better variant would be the so-called instant transfer. This option has become quite popular in recent years. The deposit is made with the help of your online banking bank account. Your player account will be credited immediately.

What Must Be Considered When Making A Deposit In The Non GamStop Casino?

When you make a deposit at the casino, you should already have the possibility of a withdrawal in mind. Typically, casinos require withdrawals to be made using the same method as the deposit. So if you deposit an amount via Skrill and then request a withdrawal from the online casino, it will be transferred to your Skrill account.

In this context, we would like to draw your attention to payments made with MasterCard. MasterCard allows deposits at online casinos. However, MasterCard does not allow withdrawals. It is therefore not possible to post winnings (or remaining credit) back to your MasterCard.

This means that non GamStop casinos usually pay out winnings that came from MasterCard deposits as a bank transfer. Bank transfers usually take a few days to process, so it may take some time before you receive your winnings. Therefore, if you deposit with a credit card, we recommend that you use Visa, as chargebacks are possible here.

Casinos Not On GamStop Bonuses

Another point to consider when making a deposit is accepting a casino bonus. Casinos offer players bonus offers after every deposit as a kind of freebie. In order to be able to pay out bonuses and winnings achieved with the bonus, the bonus received must be wagered several times.

Some casinos have quite strict requirements here. It is, therefore, worth taking a closer look at the bonus conditions before making a deposit.

If that’s just too tedious for you – no problem. We look at the bonus conditions at each of our listed casinos and refer to the clauses in the terms and conditions. Jimmy Winner Casino and Winner Casino, for example, have particularly fair bonus conditions.

What Should Be Considered When Making A Payout In An online casino?

Now that we’ve covered the issue of deposits let’s move on to a more enjoyable topic, namely withdrawals. As said, casinos not on GamStop process withdrawals using the option with which the deposit was made.

A profit that was generated with a deposit via Neteller is therefore also paid out on Neteller. It should be mentioned once again that MasterCard does not allow withdrawals, and therefore, winnings that came from a MasterCard deposit must be paid back via another withdrawal option.

As a rule, withdrawals in non GamStop casinos are free of charge. However, there may be longer delays with bank transfers because bank withdrawals are not that fast and take at least a few days. In our experience, we have always received the fastest payouts on web wallets like Neteller or Skrill. Here it is usual for the payout to be available within 24 hours.

Legitimacy – Protection Or Harassment?

In order to prevent money laundering and fraud, casinos not on GamStop often require legitimation when you apply for your first payout in the respective casino. As a rule, the casino requires a copy of your identity card or passport and a current invoice showing your home address.

Inexperienced players often suspect fraud or at least a deliberate delaying tactic. However, experienced players know that presenting a passport and receipt is as much a part of the non GamStop casino as winning and losing. We have already mentioned the reason: The casinos not on GamStop are obliged to take precautions to protect against money laundering. The legitimation of payouts is a widespread and good means here.

Nowadays, these documents can easily be photographed with smartphones and emailed to the casino. The reputable, large non GamStop casinos also handle this data with absolute confidentiality. So, you don’t really need to worry about data breaches here.

Deposit & Withdrawal Limits In The Non GamStop Casino

Last but not least, we would like to briefly point out the limits that can apply to deposits and withdrawals. When depositing, a minimum amount is usually set at each casino. Some bonus offers can only be used if a certain minimum amount is paid in. This is usually around 20 euros. It can also happen that the minimum deposit amount is higher or lower for some deposit methods. Typically, this amount tends to be higher for credit card deposits, while web wallets like Skrill offer lower minimum deposits.

Another point is withdrawal limits. These can become an issue if you make a big profit. Many casinos not on GamStop have daily, weekly and monthly withdrawal limits. Therefore, if you win a large amount, you may not be able to have this win paid out all at once because it is above a certain payout limit. If you are active in the high roller segment, we recommend that you clarify these payout limits with the respective casino in advance. Or you can read the information about the payout limit in our test.

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