E-Sports – When Passion Creates A Billion-Dollar Industry [Infographic]

Year after year, electronic sport generates ever-increasing revenues. According to various estimates, the symbolic billion-dollar mark should be easily crossed by the end of the year. And this is only the beginning. According to specialists, we could even quickly reach two billion dollars on a global scale.

After ten weeks of qualifying tournaments, participants of the Fortnite World Cup received $30 million. A 16-years-old was crowned, he won $3 million and became a celebrity instantly on the Internet. A few weeks later, Dota 2 The International 2019 surpassed the record set by Fortnite with a prize pool of over $33 million that awarded its winning team, OG, an incredible total of over $15 million.

eSports Passion Industry Header Image


Prizes higher than any other single tournament. What was for a long time a secret dream for many has been made real: living with gaming and turning the hobby into a paying job is now possible. eSports is increasingly being recognized as a professional sport – like soccer or boxing – and amateurs who want to turn professional face a highly competitive industry.

eSports has evolved into a real growth industry, with real career choices. Today, it is being compared to traditional events like Wimbledon, UEFA Champion League, major events followed by million.

And the latest studies show that the market will continue to grow massively. Find out more about the eSport industry in the following infographic; it shows how much eSports have developed and a future projection for the years to come.

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eSports Passion Industry Infographic Image