Epic 8-Bit Versions Of Famous ’80s TV Shows [Video]

The memories that the ’80s have left some of us with are everlasting it seems. For pretty much everyone, the 8-bit graphics are going to keep retrofying our ordinary days and making them a little bit better. Even though the graphics have come a long way, thanks to the ever progressing development of the graphics cards, the 8-bit way of plotting pixels on the screen will always be a little bit special. I think I have touched on this subject a couple of times before, but it’s worth mentioning again. The fresh look of the old school 8-bit graphics has progressed to becoming 3D, and we’re seeing it more and more.

However, it is when we see it in its plain and stylish way that we truly get that retro feeling. I guess the same goes for the old TV series that we used to watch, right? So what do you get if you combine the two and make a few short 8-bit bursts of video awesomeness out of them? I am sure that the guys over at PUNGA can answer that question. They are one of the world’s most innovative animation/branding studios (at least that’s what the description says on their Vimeo channel), and they recently created a few retro animations using 8-bit graphics in a somewhat 3D fashion to recreate the memories of the ’80s TV series.

It’s a must see, and it is time well spent if you are looking to increase your inspiration in a minute or so. I especially like the smooth seamless transitions between the 8-bit look and the 3D camera movements. It’s just badass, and even though it’s not too hard to create with today’s animation software, it still looks really fly and fresh. I have to agree that their animation studio is doing a great job creating these things. I am sure you will like it as well. Props!

Retro 8-Bit TV Show Video