Esports Betting Guide – Facts, Tips And More

Very few sports have enjoyed the boom in popularity in recent years that Esports has, with fans across multiple generations tuning in to watch the gaming action unfold.

With many sports struggling financially and for notoriety at the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, Esports took center stage and it was able to broadcast to a new audience and it looks to be very much part of the sporting landscape for years to come.

The knock-on effect of this is how sports betting companies are now looking to include Esports to their betting roster, giving punters the chance to win money through Esports punting.

There are so many different options available to Esports bettors, with games such as League of Legends, FIFA, and Fortnite all very different in their composition. This allows Esports to appeal to a broad range of demographics and the money associated with Esports more than holds its own in comparison to some other sports.

As a new phenomenon, there are plenty of things to consider when betting on Esports.

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Esports Bookmaker Offers

Bookmakers are always looking for new ways to attract players and as a result, they are striving to accommodate Esports within their marketplace. Esports have a range of offers and promotions that new and existing players can access, and bookmakers are keen to tap into the frequency of Esports betting options available.

Welcome offers are available to punters across a range of Esports markets and punters can access a range of promotions, including free bet tokens and cash balances that can be used to bet in-play and ante-post on Esports.

Price boost offers are also offered on Esports, with punters able to access enhanced odds across a range of markets. The chance of boosting your winnings is always welcome, for any player – regardless of their bank balance and in the world of Esports accessing price boosts can further your winning potential even more.

Esports Live Streaming

The increase in opportunity out there for Esports punters has seen a whole raft of bookmakers clamber for the rights to stream Esports content. With such variety in the market place, punters are never stuck for choice, and being able to live stream the action as it unfolds can give players greater context when betting.

Most bookmakers are offering live streaming across all the major Esports events – giving bettors the chance to bet on and watch the action.

24/7 Gaming Calendar

One of the key additional benefits of Esports is the frequency with which fixtures/competitions are played. World time zones are generally irrelevant in the world of Esports, meaning punters can follow the action with pretty much around the clock calendar – presenting more opportunities than ever for punters to enjoy a bet.

Of course, increased betting opportunities can be detrimental too but betting wisely on Esports can be highly profitable for all levels of punter.

Market Variety

All of the biggest bookmakers in the world offer a wealth of markets on Esports events – from enticing odds on specific games to live in-play punting. Furthermore, the increase in the frequency of Esports fixtures across the world means punters have so many options to choose from when placing an Esports bet.

The sportsbook market has become an increasingly congested place and the after-effect of COVID 19 will see many sports struggle to get back up and running at full capacity. Esports have very low running costs as an operation and with punters and followers able to watch from the comfort of their own home, they can access a multitude of Esports betting markets.

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