eSports And Online Gaming Are Starting To Take A New Direction

Multiplayer Esports has become a phenomenon and has crucial to the rise of some online gamers reaching new heights and becoming household names. With multi-million dollar sponsorship deals on offer and an ever-growing audience, this is an industry we can expect to see keep trending upwards. By the end of 2019, it’s estimated that 427 million people worldwide will be watching some form of Esports according to Newszoo and ESPN.

Computer game developers have seen the lucrative potential in this expanding market and are focusing on developing multiplayer battle type games, to keep both players and audiences hooked into the mainframe. The International Olympic Committee has even explored the possibility of including the “sport” into its list of sporting events. What started as a subculture has very quickly found its way to the forefront of more traditional sports. With that comes huge interest in eSports Betting according to James Fennelly, the author of the Esports Betting site

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The Evolution Of The Online Gaming Culture

These multiplayer tournaments don’t just attract participants, they gain huge audiences around the world, and money now exchanges in the form of online bets. Online poker tournaments may well have contributed to the ease of placing these types of bets, and it may also have helped to create the desire to join in and experience having a stake in the action. If you can’t play, bet on those that can become a serious hobby for some gaming enthusiasts.

What Other Online Gaming Options Has eSports Awoken?

There’s been a dramatic rise over the last decade in gambling sites that focus on online casino type games, such as and very often these sites hold 100’s of games which sit on top of one accessible platform. They’ll cover a wide range of slots, table games, and even live events. For those who’ve completely embraced the online gaming culture, there are even sites where you can pay for your bets in BitCoin. Sites like Syndicate Casino offer the usual types of casino games but have a specific vector for Bitcoin gaming within their existing site.

What’s Next For Online Gaming?

An increase in player and audience numbers is set to continue, largely thanks to continually improving and better performing live streaming options and capabilities, available from the comfort of our own homes. It’s not just developers but also internet providers who have seen the slot machine lights. By providing faster download speeds more people are accessing online content and playing games on the move.

Online gambling and gaming have managed to spawn offshoots of the industry that compare the best gambling sites around, such as, to make sure you’re spending your money in safe and secure online casino’s. Virtual reality, cryptocurrency based gaming sites and live casino gaming, have all been listed as some of the up and coming trends on the horizon for 2019/2020. As technology continues to evolve, we can be sure that Esports and online gaming will be at the forefront and more than likely leading the way in many of these trends.

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