Every Bone Steven Seagal Has Ever Broken

How is it that back in the day Steven Seagal was such a badass, but now he’s like a creepy weird guy? Have you seen pictures of him lately? He always has that pervy look in his eye, like he can see through clothes or something. I’m sure all the people in their 20s who are reading this are thinking, “Who the hell is Steven Seagal?

I remember back in the early 90s we all loved to see the muscled ponytail man kick some serious butt in every movie. One of the best parts of a Steven Seagal movie is listening to him break bones. The snap of the bones cracking was always followed by a good old-fashioned scream. It’s classic.

I suppose Oliver Noble over at FilmDrunk has a lot of time on his hands, or he was trying to create viral content (which he did) because he made this nifty little video showing every bone Steven Seagal has ever broken. For all you nitpickers, I’ll tell you right now that he missed a few. According to the comments on YouTube, he missed the back break on Screwface at the end of Marked for Death. He also missed The Glimmer Man altogether, and he forgot to include one broken nose from Fire Down Below, and a broken leg in Exit Wounds. But who cares, right? None of that takes away from the incredible awesomeness of this video. Enjoy!

Mashup Video of Steven Seagal

Via: [The People’s Movies] [Collider]