Top 8 Video Games That Kids Loved Playing During The 90s

For kids, 90s was a decade of fun and experiences. Life was beautiful and was the time of tech explorations. Even though technology was not much advanced in those days, video games were slowly creeping into every household and trying to get hold of the little brains.

The world of gaming consoles was quite different from today’s games and trust me still things were amazing! And Believe me, you will get all those gaming consoles at a very Discounted rate from Even getting a 30-minutes break to sit with the console and playing the favorite games was all they wanted. Today, it is an era of golden memories that makes everyone feel nostalgic. We have listed some of the amazing games from that era are below.

1. Super Mario

Born in the 80s and 90s – you know Super Mario for sure! Yes, it has been the top played game during the childhood days. The game revolves around a guy who is all time busy to find the princess and save her. He keeps on moving from castle to castle for his girl. Yeah, we all believed that mushrooms are going to make us big too!!! – Super Mario was also a big hit on the Game Boy which became a great game for kids on car journeys.

2. Contra

Contra came up with a new gaming concept of shooting. The fun gun game became a huge hit among the kids. It was a two-player game where you and your friend could become the two commandos namely Bill and Lance and fight the enemies. The game was all about thrill and excitements and revolutionized the way we experience video games forever.

3. Donkey Kong

Born in the 90s you must have heard of Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong was the ape who kept Pauline in captivity. To rescue her from the ape comes the hero of video games the Mario. The game was all about jumping, climbing and overcoming the obstacles.

4. Mortal Kombat

This is a game of fighting and combat where you are required to beat your opponent in the every possible way. The game has been favorite of kids and so was updated from time to time for better performance. If you are a fan of this game, then you can easily get this from online stores.

5. Pac-Man

Perhaps one of the most iconic of the video games on the list. We all know the Pac-Man who keeps on moving through the maze and eating the Pac-dots. The one who plays the game has to make sure that it does not collide with the ghost and dies. Pac-Man gets three lives throughout the game and it has to complete the level with it.

6. Pocket Tanks

It is a tank game variation where you are ought to strike your opponent by destroying the land below it. This way tank was never destroyed but, it lost points. The game is now available on android and is favorite of many.

7. Battle City

This is one of the most amazing tank games out there. If you have a sibling then it is just for you. Get into the battlefield and start attacking the tanks before it attacks you back.

8. Duck Hunt

It was a shooting game where you had to shoot the flying ducks for the dog. You had to literally connect the gun with the console to play it. It really takes efforts to find one and shoot before it disappears into the sky.

There were many more too. Most of the kids had their own preferences and played the games of that genre. Even today few of the games have been updated and brought up with some changes for the new generation. So if you happen to find one, definitely go for it.

Top 8 Video Games Of The 90s

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