Fake GPS Joystick iOS And iPhone With Its Feature

The game pokemon is a fantasy game, not a realistic game. Pokémon go encourages the players to go outside find and finish their tasks. some people want to play a realistic game such as Pokémon go joystick app iOS is present in Google store that is realistic game.it will help you to teleport your phone in any place of the world this allows the players how to play a game within a google map without leaving their real location.

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Pokémon Go is the most popular fantasy game with GPS joystick iOS. You can change your location. Anywhere in the world, you can want. A fake location GPS joystick iOS use this just download the app on your IOS and have the freedom to write your location new version joystick is on the top map of the Pokémon go throw Pokémon go joystick iPhone you can change in the map.

Some people say that this game is a dating app this is easily available on iPhone any location this way you can achieve more chances to winning the game if you are in your city then you can move and catch more Pokémon. Pokémon go spoofing is used to change location.


It supports GPS system allowing you to move on your desired location on Pokémon go map without actually traveling there. Through fake iOS GPS you may travel to anyone anywhere on the world such as in Dubai UK and you also make new friends in all over the world Tweak Box is an interesting third party that is used to modify our Pokémon go game that contained GPS joystick and their fake location you can get realistic GPS values after install this. Spoofer is also an app that is used to change your location in Pokémon


  • Fake GPS Joystick is used to change your location quickly.
  • It is used for straightforwardly with the help of joystick.
  • It is used to guide the player and walk quickly.
  • it will modify our location whenever you point the joystick
  • it will provide complete user customization you can get different opportunities to cool down your time information


  • It is not easy to set up your GPS joystick APK to fake GPS location.
  • Fake GPS joystick is not performing well it is that is suggested by many users.
  • you must need several techniques to apply fake GPS location
  • fake GPS location play for a few minutes after first-time installation
  • applying a fake GPS joystick in iOS there are many steps that are confusing and perform hardly

Risks Of Using A Fake Location

sometimes it is risky to use a fake location because the one you change your location on Pokémon go it will also specktron other apps like Snapchat this will also affect on VPN that is developed by a third party that is malicious software and also harm your device potentially. If you are using a fake GPS location then you might ban. Niantic regular check up on your device whether you use fake location or not.


We use spoof or Tweak Box to use fake location in iOS but it is riskier .spoofing is difficult to install if we change our location than its effect not only our devices but also affect our device also. Chose the best that fulfill your expectation.

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