Fish Table Games: When Your Skill Pays Off (Quite Literally)

If you have recently started to play at casinos, you may be hearing the term “Fish Table Games” quite often, and you may wonder about its meaning and, furthermore, what they are doing inside of a casino? Can you use them to make real money? Here we will give you a review of this new trend.

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So What Are They, Exactly?

Though the English language has a lot of fish-related, attack-related quotes (like “big fish eats small fish”), the poker world brings to the table a core one: “beat the fish”.

This is the cue for a skilled player to beat a less skilled participant. Fish Games appropriate this term to premiere a new kind of gambling game based on skill rather than chance. Therefore, these kinds of entertainment consist of a hunt-like program in which you have to use a weapon (gun or cannon) to kill fish undersea –something you are likely to be familiar with, leaving the gambling factor aside.

This way, the more fish you kill (which is not something as simple as it sounds, for they are moving, and the score depends on the size and the speed of the fish), the larger score you will get and the bigger the reward will be. Some categorize it as a “redemption game”, which is characterized by a payout according to the score. It can also be played as a group, and, therefore, compete against your friends: the one with the top score can claim the prize.

Although its layout may seem like something gotten out of an arcade, this game aims to praise other kinds of games –yet with the possibility to win money– inside of your well-known casino. You can find them both in your regular land-based casino, with a 3D screen and a comfortable seat, or you can find them in your usual online casinos, where you try a free demo.

What makes it a gambling game? Not only do you have to pay to play it, but your equipment will also depend on the amount of money you first deposit –the larger the amount, the better, more accurate, and larger weapons you will have.

The Money Factor

You may be wondering: can I actually make money with this? The answer is yes. You have to know how to choose the game that suits you best among the top ones. But which are the fish gambling games that pay real money, exactly?

  1. Fish Catch: developed by RealTime gaming, it is the most popular kind of Fish Table Game. It is available almost in any casino that includes this category of gambling. It has elegant graphics and large bonuses.
  2. Lucky Catch: random prizes and large bonuses at this treat that holds a 96% return to player (RTP) rate.
  3. Sea treasure: aim for the jackpot in this Roundstone International development.
  4. Fu Fish: the multiplayer online option for those who know their betting level.
  5. Goodfishes: if you think the name sounds familiar, then you will not be surprised by the Goodfellas’ mafia theme.  Aim for the free spins at this Revolver Games production.

When starting to play, it is important to take into account to try the demo before starting and, then, to start slow. There will be larger fish to catch, so be patient and aim one at a time –remember, each shot is a bet– and level up from there.

This new trend is available at this top online casinos:

  1. Las Atlantis Casino: Where Fish Catch is the first choice and where the welcome bonus goes up to 280%. You can use the free play alternative to test all of its 250 games –both undersea and on dry land.
  2. Red Dog: the welcome mat includes not only a large welcome bonus (up to 255%) but also free spins and promo codes. It accepts a wide variety of payment methods.
  3. Slots Empire: …or when the layout gets Roman. Bonuses, table games and video poker–all in one. Do not miss out on the generous welcome bonus either.

Win money while having fun. Your arcade skill is about to pay off.

Disclaimer: Never play for more than you can afford to lose. Gambling can lead to a serious addiction. Gamble responsibly.

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