Funny and Weird Classified Ads

The classified ads is one part of the newspaper or magazine is one of the most read part.  People would usually post personal ads, house availability for rent or for purchase,  Pets for sale,job availability with short messages.  When I was scanning through the internet I noticed that there were so many weird and funny classified ads and decided to feature some of them.  You will be amazed at the range of types there are.  There are those that were made because of some grammatical or spelling mistakes.  But there are others that are simply just bizarre,and others that are just downright funny.

Well who knows, you might just have found some classified ads yourself and would care to share some.  Just submit to us and we will do a part 2 and we can share them and give credit to you!  Hit the submit button and share with us either via link or email a scanned one. (submit here)