Why Gaming Is A Positive Element In Life [Infographic]

Too many people think that gaming has a negative effect on both children and adults. This is a misconception that has been voiced for a long time, and it seems some parents want it that way. The interesting thing is that contrary to popular belief, gaming actually has a positive effect on our overall happiness. It’s kind of parallel to watching movies. We stimulate our brains in ways that we otherwise just don’t do. We imagine ourselves away into another dimension if you will.

So how is this possible? By having a look at the statistics presented by STBYG in an infographic called “Why Gaming Is A Positive Element In Life,” we are able to conclude that the previous belief is nothing but a misconception. Perhaps it’s a way for parents to activate their children so they are not sitting in front of their screens so much. The reasons could be many; however, the truth is that the only harmful thing about gaming is the sitting down for hours and hours part. Not much more.

The thrill of gaming is another way that affects health and wellbeing in a positive way. For example, gaming can result in improved skills such as collaboration and problem solving which in turn can make life a whole lot easier to go through.

[pullquote]To further prove the point made in the below infographic, despite the majority of the press exploiting only parents that are against gaming, an impressive 66% of parents playing games do so with their children purely to socialize with them.[/pullquote]

Also, the general population seems to think that the most popular games are violent shooters; however, this is completely false. Actually, the top three gaming genres are represented by action games (22.3%), family entertainment games (17.6%) and sports games (14%). Even online casino games for real money prizes are among the top ranked downloaded games today. In fact, casual games such as gambling games are making a strong push towards the top of the list.

As we have previously reported, gaming even has a positive effect on memory and are used by many senior citizens to stay young and active. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of California San Francisco, were able to prove that just 12 hours of playing a 3D driving game over a month was enough to help short-term memory, attention span and other brain functions that get worse with age.

If you still think gaming will have a negative effect on your life, have a look at the infographic below. Not only will it show you the positive effects of a gamer’s lifestyle, but also some really interesting statistics that go against the popular “gaming is bad for you”-sentiment. Playing games is not a bad habit and never will be. Playing is how we, from a very young age, are learning the reality around us and also teaches us to dream. Our advice to you is, start playing games, dream big and always reach for the stars.

The Proven Positive Effects Of Gaming

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Gaming Statistics And Benefits Infographic

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