Gauntlet Of Doom: Most Creative Way To Get Rid Of Bugs

Forget the Hunger Games, the Sluger Games are waaaay more exciting. Do you know what a slug is? Here is a google images link so you can see what they look like. They are slimy, grimy little slippery suckers that kind of look like a snail without a shell. I know this because I live in Georgia, which is known as one of the bug capitals of the world (or at least it should be).

It’s one of the only places where you’ll find huge flying roaches that aim straight for your head, and tiger mosquitoes so big that you can see the stripes on their backs as they swarm you, strategically flying in huge groups that make them look like a well trained army ready for combat.

As much as I hate bugs, I’m not really into killing them. I just don’t like to kill, so this little maze of bug torture made me giggle. It’s such a great passive aggressive way to let those little boogers kill themselves – and reward the smart ones at the same time. As if you couldn’t tell by looking at it, this little gem is one of the most recent viral Reddit goodies, and I can understand why.

The funniest part of this is in the update where he says that after there was one slug death, the rest of them retreated and haven’t come back. Does that mean that slugs have some sort of communication method between them that we don’t know about? I guess they saw one dead body and decided it wasn’t worth the risk. Sadly, none made it to the jam reward. I wonder what that much salt does to carpet. Regardless… Brilliant! [Original Reddit link submitted by Nabillia]



Via: [Obvious Winner]