Popular Ways To Stream Games On Consoles and PCs

The easiest way to understand game streaming is to think of interactive streaming like Netflix. When you use Netflix to watch a TV Show or movie you first need to download the movie or show to watch it. It is then playing on a remote computer, and the sounds and images are sent to your computer or television screen in a stream.

It is exactly the same with streaming a game; the streaming technology is years ahead in breaking down barriers between PCs and consoles to enable gamers to enjoy games from anywhere in the house and allows you to play any game from your Xbox on your PC. All that you need to do this is to turn on your Xbox One, then use your home wireless network to connect your tablet or Windows PC. This enables you to take control of the game from your PC while it is actually running on the Xbox one. The video and sound one are sent directly to your PC, which knows it has a gaming controller attached to it and not the console, allowing the player to control the game. Have a closer look at CNET’s guide on how to best stream your games. [pullquote]Streaming your games is rapidly becoming one of the most popular online entertainment forms.[/pullquote] Don’t miss out on the fun!

With gaming being as competitive as it currently is, many companies use different approaches in making their gaming systems more usable via flexibility. Some of the best options for game streaming are discussed below and whether you are planning to enjoy gaming on PC or modern video console you would definitely benefit from the few options available. Of course, many still prefer to play without having to stream games, and often those who do so enjoy casino style games that are found online at such sites as Casinos.co. This is an ideal source for information that relates to online casino games that offer an abundance of information about the type of games, where they can be played, how to play guides and more.

Valve Stream Link Top Pick For PC Gaming

Valve’s stream is a minuscule device that enables easy play of PC games on your TV set. What is required is a Stream Link, display screen or television set that supports at least 720p resolution, plus a desktop PC that runs Mac OS X Yosemite, Windows Vista, Linux Ubuntu 14.04 or newer and an input device like a mouse, keyboard or gaming controller. The cost for the Steam link is around $50.

The valve stream device makes streaming exceptionally easy between your television and PC games and once connected to the same network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable; you only need to plug the steam link into any display that is supporting HDMI. Your PC display is then linked to your television screen and all games purchased on stream, GOG.com or EA’s Origin are visible and can be added to your Stream library.

When using Valve Stream, it is always recommended to stick to a wired network to enjoy flawless streaming. Players have reported a drop in performance in games streamed via Valve, but most enjoy perfect performance via wireless routers. During testing, it was without stutter or lag, what is a drawback though is the lack of support for the sound studio 5.1 that actually stops players from using Stream Link on a full-time basis.

Nvidia GameStream For PC Gaming

When deciding to use the Nvidia GameStreaming system, you would need the Nvidia Shield device called the Shield Android TV. A display or television that supports 4K Ultra HD support, HDMI and a PC running at least Windows 7 or newer, a 3.1 GHZ Intel Core i3, Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or 2.8 AMD Athlon II X4 630 and 4 GB of Ram.

If you wonder if this would be the best system for you then read on since the Nvidia’s GameStream uses the Nvidia’s GeForce GTX graphics card which needs to be installed on your PC to pop games to a TV or a compatible Nvidia Shield device. You can enjoy games remotely on Shield table if your PC supports Nvidia graphics or even stream them to you 5.1 surround sound shield Android TV or 4K TV. The people over at MakeUseOf have also put together a great guide on how to live-stream your gaming sessions.


For players who want to jump straight into free streaming of PC games, FFSplit is the cheapest as well as the easiest way. With audio narration, webcam overlay, and scene selections, it offers good live stream, all the basics, and fantastic performance. To get this working, select the FFSource as the video to open the composer window, then select the default Windows device for audio output and input. This will allow you to narrate content and in the FFSource window, and create scenes in the section saving canvas. Each canvas can be switched to different scenes during broadcasts.

Although not possible with all games, especially SimCity, others allow you to add layers to define a screen region. It can be a little difficult at the start, but if set for the whole screen, the game runs great, and the output can be selected and saved to the hard drive. For the stream key, you will need a twitch.tv/broadcast page, or if you desire, you may simply save to the hard drive.


XSplit is for gamers who are serious about live streaming and at the same time are prepared to pay for a more professional solution. The XSplit offers a personal license that comes at a cost of $5 per month and it works with Roxio GameCap devices as well. Advanced broadcast devices and functions are included and with the professional license, it can also allow you to record Skype video calls.

Popular Ways To Live Stream

Popular Ways To Live Stream

Popular Ways To Live Stream