Ghost Girl Video Under The House! Really Creepy!

October is here, and we all know what holiday is coming up… Halloween! One thing that we three here at Bit Rebels have in common is our love for horror movies. There is a certain thrill and adrenaline rush that everyone feels during and after watching a good horror film. Here in my country, the Philippines, when October hits, we can expect a slew of reruns on television. I was watching HBO and Star Movies this afternoon, and I can already see the previews for what horror flicks I’ll be watching for the entire month.

Not only does Halloween bring out a lot of cute costumes and horror flicks, but also some creepy videos online. I have only been able to experience a sighting like this when I was still working as a producer for a TV company called Vintage Television. All I can say is that it is truly a unique experience. You literally feel your skin crawl and get goose bumps. Some videos may be made up to look real, while others may be a genuine sighting of the paranormal. I found a video of a guy who apparently caught a ghost on film. The ghost of the girl showed up when he found a time capsule which he dug up under his house. It was really creepy! Check out the video and tell me what you think. Is it real or made up?