Spooky Drive-Thru Halloween Skeleton Prank Is Worth Doing Yourself

It’s that time of year again when we are treated to all kinds of Halloween pranks that will inspire us to come up with our own for the big night on October 31. A good prank is always welcome, and sometimes it just takes a little ingenuity to put together a really, really good one. The master of all pranks posted on the Internet is YouTube user Magic Of Rahat. His viral skeleton prank definitely deserves a place here on Bit Rebels.

He has a reputation for some really clever fast food drive-thru pranks, and this skeleton prank is a great example. When you think about it, the drive-thru is the perfect place to execute a prank. If you do it at night, it’s dark, it’s quick, and the people working the drive-thru window will be completely caught off guard. It’s brilliant location, which is probably why he prefers the drive-thru.

This skeleton prank is super simple. After placing your order, you just drive to the window and let your skeleton pick up the food. The reaction of these people is priceless, and this will keep you giggling all day. There is one detail I can’t figure out…How is he able to safely drive the car forward if he’s crouched behind the driver’s seat? If you can figure that out, this skeleton prank is worth trying yourself. Or, maybe it will give you some ideas to create your own Halloween prank.

If you want to prank your co-workers in your office building, I have another suggestion for you. It’s a prank that won’t require hardly any preparation, and it’s a gooood one. You can see it at Star Wars Elevator Prank: Use The Force To Make Elevators Open. Whatever you chose, I’m sure it will be spooky and perfect. Good luck!

Spooky Skeleton Prank





Via: [Buzzfeed]


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