Is The Google Play Store A Viable Place To Find New Games?

Google Play launched in October 2008 and was initially known as the Android Market. In 2012, the name was changed to Google Play, and it has remained to this day. Essentially, Google Play is a digital distribution service and in addition to movies and films, Google Play is home to mobile games. The question is, having been in business for over 10 years, is the Google Play Store a viable place to find new games?

Firstly, before looking at the quality of the games available in the Google Play Store, we must assess the safety of the store. Online security is important, especially when installing gaming apps on your mobile phone. You probably use your mobile phone for a lot of things during a day, including paying for items, chatting with friends on social media, and taking photographs. You do not want your smartphone to become compromised and thankfully, the Google Play Store is a safe place to find new games.

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Google Play allows individuals to design and add their games to the store. There are benefits to this, which we will come to shortly but one of the negative factors is the introduction of malware from new gaming apps in the store. Malware can compromise the data in your phone and even take control of your phone remotely. However, Google work hard to ensure they remove any malicious apps before you can install them on your device.

So, in terms of safety, the Google Play Store is a viable place to find new games. When prompted by Google, you should always update your Android operating system and review app permissions before installing a new game to your smartphone.

One of the major advantages of using the Google Play Store for your games is the fact they accept casino apps. Playing mobile casino games is extremely popular and Google have chosen to allow licensed mobile casino apps to offer their services in the Play Store. So, not only do you get the latest casino apps, such as Casumo, which is definitely an online casino worth visiting, you know you can install and play using the casino apps legally and safely.

Touching on one of the points above, you should use the Google Play Store to find new games because you will not find a bigger selection of trusted mobile games anywhere for Android devices. Not only is the Google Play Store home to the latest and biggest gaming titles it is also a wonderful place to find indie mobile games. A small number of games may be exclusive to the App Store, and you will not find them in the Google Play Store, but we are talking about an extremely limited number of games.

In contrast, you will get many of the latest indie developer mobile games on the Google Play Store and these will not be offered elsewhere. So, not only will you find the latest titles from all the big-name gaming developers in the Google Play Store but also games from indie developers that have the potential to be just as good and popular as the mainstream titles.

An excellent feature of the Google Play Store is their new and updated games section. When you enter the apps section of the Play Store, which is where you will find all the games, at the top of the screen you will see the new and updated games. This means you do not have to go searching for the latest titles yourself, as they are conveniently grouped together for you to browse.

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