Granny DJ Rocks The Club Scene!

Music is a universal language that transcends distance, time, socio economic class and age! When I was still planning events for big brands, part of the scope of my work was to invite DJs to play for the parties. I love music so you can just imagine how much fun I had. We invited local and international DJs. I love how they put together sounds that allowed people to really groove to the tunes or just chill.

We would host the parties in big venues that could accommodate around 3,000 people in one night. There were days when we would just do it in a club, but no matter where we held it, as long as the music was great, the people had a great time. During technical runs, my technical director would always take the time to teach me how to use the equipment that the DJs would use and man, it was not easy to play and mix, there is so much to master and learn. That was why I was so amazed by this wonderful woman that DJs at clubs. She says she started out at her grandson’s party and she loved it so much she continued playing! I think she is pretty awesome! What do you think?

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