Guide To The Different Types Of Casino Bonuses

There are a lot of online gaming websites currently offering casino bonuses. Are you sure you know everything about them? They are popular incentives the websites offer so that the gamers feel encouraged to play their many games. Sometimes, they are offered so that the players start playing. The bonuses are also offered to help the players keep playing more games.

You will find many bonuses on offer, but they can be clubbed generally into these two types – cashable bonuses and non-cashable bonuses. However, there are certain conditions and advantages that apply to all these types.

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Welcome Bonus

Also called the Sign-Up Bonus or a New Player Bonus. As the name suggests, it is offered when you visit the website for the first time and sign-up as a gamer. Typically, this bonus is credited when you deposit money into your gaming account initially. You will instantly see a credit into the gaming account from the casino’s side. This type of bonus is offered at online casino Mr. Bet CA and most other leading casinos.

For instance, let us assume that you deposited $200 at the start. The casino house may deposit a further $100 into your playing account. So the balance will show $300. You can then start playing with this money. How much money will be added to your gaming account is usually a percentage of your deposit. This money is also usually the biggest chunk of bonus you will receive.

No Deposit Bonus

This is even better than your Welcome Bonus because you don’t have to make any money deposit, and yet, the casino will provide you credit. Use the credit to play your games. However, there are restrictions. Remember, the money made from these free games cannot be withdrawn. Also, not all online casinos will offer this kind of bonus.

Reload Bonus

You’ll get this bonus when you deposit more money into your playing account. This is much like your Welcome Bonus. Only the valuable and serious players will get this. The match-up by the casino can be 100% sometimes. All you have to do is just sign in and play.

Free Spins Bonus

Initially, this was typically a special promotion only when the casino introduced new slots. But now, many online Australian casinos offer them to new gamers. You will now sometimes find them offering a welcome bonus together with offers of free spins. When you avail the offer, you will be able to spin absolutely free.

How many times you can spin, again, is decided by the specific terms of your casino house. The rules for free spins will vary for each casino. So you should always read the rules carefully before you start playing. Also, you may want to learn about these 4 strategies to win at games.

High Roller Bonus

Issued to those who make a large deposit of money. The bonus amount here is also large, sometimes it could be $1000. It all depends on how much money is deposited into the playing account. However, having said this, the bonus percentage is normally around 50%, meaning, you will get a $1000 bonus on depositing $2000 into your account.

There are other bonuses too like cashback bonuses and loyalty bonuses. They are however not so popular.

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