Highest Grossing Movie Openings Of All Time [Infographic]

Movies have been a very important source of entertainment for a long time. These movies are beneficial to us in a lot of ways apart from providing us with entertainment. That is why movie producers and directors pour in all the money they need to make the movie a success and get the money in return.

It is very surprising to note that a developed country highly depends upon movie revenues as a primary source of income. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), in one of its reports, showed that the film industry was responsible for a massive payout of 49 billion US dollars in the financial year 2017.

The amount of grossing TV shows and serials increased from 34 in 2012 to 454 in 2016. This helped the industry amass an extravagant amount of 21 billion dollar increase in 4 years. The record for the highest grossing movie openings runs of all time is held by the 2009 sci-fi movie “Avatar”.

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It amassed a net worth of 2.7 billion dollars worldwide back in 2009. The current movie lists are unfairly dominated by newer movies because of the inflation rates. So how exactly does inflation affect the movie industry? Economically speaking, inflation means, an increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.

This is very important while keeping track of something over a decade or more. To easily understand what inflation does and how it affects the global movie industry, let’s take an example. The current value of 1 Pound Sterling is equal to 1.26 US dollars (as of 19/6/2019, 3:41 UTC) i.e. on submitting 1 pound in an exchange shop, I would get $1 and 26 cents in US money.

In 2009, the value of money was higher than what it is currently. The lowest exchange rate in 2009 was on 23rd Jan 2009 when 1 Pound was equal to 1.3668 USD. This implies that a decade ago if I was to exchange money I would have got 10 cents more as of now.

Avatar was launched on 18 Dec 2009 when 1 GBP was equal to 1.6082 USD. So let’s say, that the average ticket price for Avatar was $8.1 in 2009. So if 500 tickets were sold in a single day, then that would amount to 2518.34 GBP back in 2009.

Nowadays a typical movie costs around $20. So considering 500 tickets sold in a day and exchange rates at 1USD  =  0.801 GBP, the revenue amounts to 8000GBP in current times. So even if with a similar amount of sales, movies of the current generation will easily earn about 3 times what it earned a decade ago.

The current list of the top grossing movies ever is unfair, to say the least. After adjusting the inflation rates and equating ticket prices, it can be found that in current times, Avatar would have amassed more than 3 billion dollars and the list is supposedly topped by the 2009 blockbuster “TITANIC” which is supposed to earn around 3.58 billion USD.

This, however, isn’t always genuine. This is because about 20-30 years back, the movie industry wasn’t as developed as it is today. So to earn higher revenues, movies were often released multiple times throughout the country.

The epic blockbuster “Godfather” is believed to have been released 11 times throughout the USA thus increasing the gross by 10 times. The 2009 movie Avatar was launched only twice while movies nowadays are released globally only once.

Our experts have taken into account all the above-mentioned drawbacks of the current system and adjusted the gross, according to the inflation rates and prepared a list of the top 50 grossing movies of all times. Here are the top 10 movies from the list.

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