HL2 Mod: Research and Development

Along with being a rather large indie game fan, I also love mods.  Mods are games that are built using another game as a base.  Its one of the best things about PC Gaming, the mod community is also huge so there is always new games to be found.

Half Life wasn’t the first game to get modded, but it really took off after Half Life was released.  The original Quake was also a massively modified game.   Anyway enough with the history.

HL2’s mod community is another that has been very active, with the ease of compatibility from HL1 to HL2 Source, the mod community was quick to move.

Research and Development is an adventure based HL2 mod, where you have to puzzle out how to escape.  Take a look in the video below and you can also download the mod for free here – remember you need HL2 to play it!  You can get HL2 here .