The State Of Gaming – Gaming Trends For The Next 10 Years

The game industry is a nearly $91 billion industry according to Venture Beat, and that amount will only continue to climb over the next decade. In the meantime, the technology to support gaming is also improving. With a smartphone in every pocket, it’s not surprising that games have become one of the most popular pastimes not just in the United States but around the world.

In the next ten years, consumers should expect to see better tech and more diverse games on the market, leading to a better quality gaming experience. Apart from new console releases and unexpected innovations, these are some of the hot gaming trends to look out for.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality gaming has been a dream of game designers and players alike for decades. In the past few years, big companies like Samsung and Sony have released VR consoles capable of running decent games. In a few more years, there could even be the addition of haptic gaming, where players can use their bodies to control their characters. As more and more games become VR-compatible and the technology gets better, virtual reality gaming is likely to grab a bigger piece of the market.

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Portable Gaming

The Nintendo Switch proved that consoles don’t have to sacrifice quality for portability. As researchers develop better technology, the need for bulky systems and wires is becoming obsolete. In addition to the fact that mobile and tablet gaming makes the majority of the digital gaming market, portable games will be on the rise in the next decade.

International Audiences

While America has traditionally been the largest consumers of games and gaming consoles, China is quickly surpassing them. Soon, they will become the largest market of video game consumers, according to the South China Morning Post. As Chinese players increase over the next ten years, game companies will likely start to cater more toward Asian audiences instead of towards Americans.

Increased Diversity

As the gaming audience widens, more gaming companies are realizing the importance of increasing diversity in their designs. Many blockbuster games now feature main characters who are women or people of color. Though the number of female game designers is still relatively low, the rise of diverse games will follow market trends. In addition, some game designers are making it a point to add more diversity to their games and bring more people of color into the industry, the Washington Post reported.

Throwback Gaming

More movies and television shows feature stories from the 80s and 90s, cashing in on the nostalgia adults born in those decades have for their childhoods. Companies like Nintendo have also realized the profit they can make for throwback games. In the next ten years, consumers will see more similar remakes. Unfortunately, that may mean the amount of truly new games will decrease.

More Accessible Gambling

Many Americans aren’t satisfied with current gambling laws and have called for a relaxation of rules at the federal level. In fact, more than 50% of Americans want to end sports gambling laws alone. This could mean that in the next decade, online casino developers¬† such as NetEnt, are opening more online slots each year. New laws and more online casinosmeans more people will be able to gamble freely in the future.

More Gaming Competitions

Fiber-based Internet is coming in the next several years, which means consumers will be more connected than ever. That will likely lead to an increase in online gaming competitions. Competitive e-sports were more popular than ever in 2016. Since everyone can live to stream their own gaming and even make money off of it, these competitive games are set to corner the market.

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