Hobbiton Once Again Populated… By Sheep!

The turbulence around the new Hobbit movies are far from over it seems. Even though the project got the green light not too long ago, it’s still not without its problems. Peter Jackson is once again director, and everyone is cheering, however; now it seems the movie company is making too much trouble for the project to move on smoothly. The outcome we can only speculate on. I, for one, am a heavy fan of the series so I will wait for years (as it seems it will be) for it to come out. But what happened to Hobbiton after The Lord Of The Rings wrapped up shooting?

As it happens, our beloved Hobbiton is still very much alive and populated, but not by hobbits or people. No, it’s become the resident of hundreds of sheep! They seek shelter in the hobbit holes when night falls, or when it starts to rain. They have grown quite fond of the place, and I can imagine it being quite troublesome to get rid of them if the Hobbit crew is to recycle the location and the set itself.

The lot is nowadays used as a tourist attraction, and you can get a guided tour of the village and its sheep. You even get to pet the sheep if you find that to tickle your fancy. The set is in remarkable shape and form, and nature has aged the village beautifully. It’s like the little village has forever been there and nature has adjusted according to what J. R. R. Tolkien wrote. It sure looks like an awesome place to have a picnic. What strikes me the most is the thick glowing green grass that still looks like it was made artificially. I do understand that it is most probably photoshopped to get a little bit greener tone, but the thickness of it is astounding. I sure wouldn’t mind going there for a peek. Amazing natural creations are always a treat to check out.