The Hobbit: The First Animation Movie Dating Back To 1966

A couple of weeks ago, the first trailer for the upcoming movie The Hobbit from the already legendary movie director Peter Jackson was released. It made an incredible impact, and people are already looking forward to the movie. The movie, which is really a prequel to The Lord of The Rings movies, will explain the history of Bilbo Baggins’ adventures and how the ring got into his ownership. It is going to be a sure success, and it will most likely overshadow the success of the first three movies in the series. If you could call it a series that is. The Hobbit was the first book that J. R. R. Tolkien wrote about the hobbits, and it is sometimes considered a work of its own.

For some people, the wait for this movie is unbearable. It won’t be until the end of 2012 that we will see the first of two movies, and some people are doing whatever they can to make the time pass faster. If you are among the ones who are eagerly awaiting the first part of The Hobbit movies, then maybe a bit of old school movie magic is something for you. This old animation movie of The Hobbit supposedly dates back to 1966, and it was animated by movie producer Gene Dietch.

It’s something to keep you busy while you wait for sure. However, don’t expect a lot of amazing twenty first century special effects. It’s a retro trip that will tell you the story in a short but intense format. It is one of the first movies ever made of the book, and it might even be the very first one. I had a hard time finding anything that might rival its position. Maybe you know of other productions based on the best selling book? If you do, don’t hesitate to enlighten us. The new Hobbit movie is destined to definitely cause a box office meltdown when it is released at the end of 2012. Enjoy!

The Hobbit Animation From 1966

Via: [Neatorama]