How To Easily Buy Gold In Runescape?

Buying gold in Runescape can be either a really easy, smooth process or it can turn into a tedious, risky process that no Runescape player wants to be part of. Figuring out how to buy gold without facing any issues is something you can do by following a few simple steps that will streamline the process exponentially.

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Finding A Legitimate Website

Every Runescape player knows that finding a legitimate website can take a while since there are a lot of fake websites out there; purely interested in hacking your account or simply stealing your money. To find a trustworthy website, you should probably check reviews on third party websites as some websites have thousands of positive reviews that confirm they are trustworthy. You can also explore the different pages of the website itself as most non-legitimate websites aren’t well-made in relation to the well-established gold trading sites.

Finding The Right Price

The price of Runescape gold fluctuates as much as the items in its economy. Different websites will generally have different prices. So if you’ve accumulated a list of websites you deem as trustworthy, you might want to take a few minutes and compare the prices across them before you settle for one as you might land yourself a better deal.

Keeping Your Runescape Account Safe

The most important aspect of the transaction is keeping your account a hundred percent safe from hackers and free of any offenses on the game. All you need to do is remember that any legitimate Runescape gold selling website will never ask for your account’s private information.

Loyalty Programs

If you know you’re going to be visiting a gold-selling website many more times in the future, you might want to search for one that gives you bonuses for your continued support. Purchasing regularly from Loot4RS or many other gold selling websites are rewarded through loyalty programs that grant you several extra rewards, like a 5% discount on gold (both Oldschool and RS3), monthly and daily reward spins, a free t-shirt, and even the opportunity to participate in a gameshow to win extra rewards. Explore your options carefully and settle for the one with the best rewards in the long-term.

Delivery Time

Every Runescape player will be very eager to receive the gold in the shortest amount of time possible as time is precious for Runescape players who value efficiency. That’s why you should always explore the delivery times mentioned on websites as sometimes you can find an extremely fast website that can deliver the gold within hours, or even minutes, of the transaction. Some websites even connect you to a voice chat with their representatives throughout the process to reassure you during the transfer.

Payment Methods

An extremely important part of the process is payment. The actual payment methods available on the gold-selling websites usually accommodate all typical online transactions. Some websites even include the use of cryptocurrency, which adds an extra layer of security that a lot of players value. If you’re unclear on how to acquire cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, you can refer to any of the popular cryptocurrency exchange websites as they’re generally the most convenient way of acquiring them.

Always look for a website that gives you the payment method that’s suitable for you — most legitimate websites can usually accommodate various payment methods. If you want to inquire about a new payment method, email customer service to find out more.

Swapping Gold

One of the most common questions asked in both the Oldschool community and the RS3 community is how someone can transfer GP from RS3 to Oldschool and vice versa. Generally, the websites that sell gold also offer a swap rate in between the two games at rates that the websites determine. So look around and find the best deal before you swap gold around.

Every Runescape player has encountered scams in all their forms, from the money doublers to the classic armor trimmers. It’s very important to establish a very high level of trust before you attempt to do any sort of trade with any website as the last thing you want to do is hurt your wallet or your coin pouch.

Look through reviews and explore a website thoroughly before determining whether or not you’re going to trust it. Never forget that there’s absolutely no reason for any of these websites to ask for your account’s information as that has nothing to do with the process. With these tips you’ll be able to easily buy gold in Runescape.

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