How FaceBook Games Compete for the User’s Attention

FaceBook is a fun site that allows its users to engage with their friends and family on so many different levels. Aside from the usual sharing of pictures and giving of gifts, you will also see that a lot of the users are playing social games on the social networking platform. I know some people don’t like these games because they often times flood their home page with game updates.  I have tackled that issue in another post FaceBook Games 101.

I love social games, and I play a lot of them. They allow me to de-stress, and they are great boredom busters. Would you believe some of the games now even teach you a thing or two about starting and making a business work? Others encourage creativity. You can see the increase of players on these games, and why not? The game developers are making them even easier and more fun for the users. I guess just like any product in the market, when you get some healthy competition, it inspires you to make your own brand even more competitive. In the case of the social games on FaceBook, developers are getting the user’s attention by doing the following:

1.  They have made it easier for people to send and receive gifts to level up in their respective games.

2.  Some games have given special challenges so that the players remain engaged (i.e. Zynga and Playfish games).

3.  New items are offered every week, unlike before where you had to wait for weeks and even months (i.e. new gifts and new furniture).

4.  The interfaces of the games are creatively done. The graphics have also improved. (i.e. Cafe World and Hotel City)

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