How To Maximise Your Luck At The Races

Betting might not be a requisite for attending a horse race, but it can undeniably boost up the whole experience. Unless you’re an expert, betting can come with a lot of uncertainty, so check out these tips and tricks to maximize your luck at the races.

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1. Learn The Art Of Handicapping

Picking a winning horse is more of an art than an exact science. Handicapping refers to evaluating and using all the available information to pick the best horse. Before placing your bet, find out where the horse has run before, in what conditions, and what was his or her performance.

2. Consider How Many Races The Horse Has Started In

There is a very fine line between picking a winning horse or a loser, based on how many races the horse has started in. There is no exact number, but according to experts, 13 is a kind of lucky for this sport. If the horse is too inexperienced, it might not put up its best performance. If it has started in too many races, it may need a holiday.

3. Check If Your Horse Has Had A Holiday Recently

Like athletes, horses need breaks. However, if your favorite just took a break longer than a month, it might not be in the best shape. That’s why you should wait for at least one race before placing your bet.

4. Learn How To Calculate The Odds

Look at what the odd experienced makers have predicted at the end of the day. To increase your chances of luck, check if there are recently beaten favorites, as these horses could turn around their performance in the upcoming races.

5. Anticipate Lucky Winners

Another way to maximize your luck is by checking the odds for your horse’s last few races. If they were between 2-1 and 6-1, chances are likely to win one of the future races.

6. Check The Trainers

Now that you know a thing or two about choosing a winner, it’s time to go deeper into the matter and check who trained your horse. There are higher chances your favorite will win if he or she was trained by an accomplished trainer. Just think that the horses trained by Mark Johnston have scored over 4,100 victories.

7. Check The Equipment

The best thing to do if you want to maximize your odds is to only place the bet minutes before the beginning of the race and only after checking the horse’s equipment for things such as headlights and weight, so you can estimate the odds for your horse to win the race.

8. Find Out As Much As You Can About The Connections

We already talked about the horse and trainer, but don’t underestimate the jockey and the actual owner of the horse. Certain combinations of owner, jockey, and trainer yield more success than others.

9. Check The Distance

Horse racing might be art, but there is a bit of science in it too. Unless you’re betting on a new horse, chances are you can check your favorite’s last races. Check for how long it could run before its stamina ran out, then find the actual distance of the current race and decide whether your bet is worth or not.

10. Bet On The Favorite

In betting, there is always a possibility that something goes wrong, but most of the time, you have higher chances of winning if you just bet on the favorite. With endless tips, from Cheltenham odds comparisons grids to Ascot favorites, to help you decide, it is said that you have over 30% of chances to win if you bet on the favorite to be first. The odds rise to over 50% if you bet on the favorite to be first, second, or third.

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