How Prop Money Is Related To The Casinos

Casinos are jam-packed with cash money. Every denomination you could think of and tons of it. Although it is no longer like the old days of cash thrown in the center of a poker table, there is still a lot of cash changed hands every second. So, what happens if the money exchange hands are movie prop money?

Casino owners are not pervious to the idea that people are willing to deceive them, their employees, and their machines by using online prop money for sale. Because of the continuously advancing technology and the ways for con artists to create better-looking fake cash, casinos these days have their own ways of making sure none of their money is props.

To keep their business profiting and not allowing counterfeiters to ruin their reputation, casinos are using a lot of different strategies to stop fake money from entering into any of their games. They accomplish this through identification processes and technology specifically designed to identify suspicious bills.

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How Casinos Keep Prop Money From Getting Into Their Stacks

When you go into the casino in hopes of winning money, the last thing you want to do is walk out with useless cash. Just to ease your mind, here is a list of some of the ways casinos are making sure all of their cash is legit.

1.Properly Trained Employees

Most casinos are teaching all of the employees how to spot a fake bill before they are even allowed to start working. These techniques and tips are taught to them during the training process given everyone who handles cash a good eye to spot any abnormalities right away.

2. Specialized Pens

All casino employees have access to pens that are specially designed to identify a prop bill from a real one.

  • UV pens- UV pens are used to look for a glowing reaction created by a real bill, that will not be there if the money is fake.
  • Iodine Pens- Some counterfeit checking pens contain iodine, these pens are swiped against a suspicious bill, if the bill remains clean it is real. If a mark is left (a reaction created from the iodine and paper) then it is a fake.

3. Counting Machines

Just like banks, casinos use counting machines to quickly count and separate their money. These machines are highly advanced and can catch most fake prop money as they go through. When you place money into the machine it will spit out a bill it feels is prop and it is up to the employee to take the next steps in identifying whether or not it is real.

4. Advanced Equipment

Casinos these days are using highly sophisticated and advanced equipment in their businesses. These slot machines are designed not only to accept cash as it is being fed through but also to check the money for authenticity. If the machine detects any irregularities, they will spit the money back out and not allow the game to start.

5. Security Cameras

When you run a business that is focused solely on money, the most important thing you can own is security cameras. Tons of Security cameras that are high-tech and extremely clear. If someone is being suspected of fraudulent attempts in the casino, guards are able to zoom up close to see the person’s face, and even inspect the money they are using.

What Happens If You Get Caught With Fake Money In A Casino?

In the movies, there is a chance the guards would take deceptive customers into the back and handle it themselves. However, this is not the case in real life (we hope). If you are caught trying to use the best fake money in the machines or even to buy food at a casino you will be detained, probably in the back, but instead of getting beat up by big bouncers, the authorities will be called in.

After that, the Secret Service will take over. The United States Secret Service is 100% in charge of every counterfeit action and will be informed anytime fake cash is trying to be used for any reason. This includes gambling it away on the slot machines.

From there you will be charged and sentenced for purposely using false money, and if you are suspected of making that money you could face even more criminal charges for intent to sell. The use of counterfeit cash is not taken lightly and you are not going to be given a slap on the wrist. Years in jail and large fines will hopefully teach you to stay on the straight and narrow.


Never think that just because casinos are busy and full of money that is seemingly being tossed around at any given moment, that it is a good place to try and sneak fake movie money by the employees. It may look chaotic but all casinos have a system and a good one at that. They keep a very close eye on every cent coming in and out of the building and they are also keeping a close eye on the customers.

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