How To Replenish Mostbet Account And Withdraw Money In Uzbekistan

The international betting company Mostbet accepts clients from dozens of countries. Uzbek users can also use the services of this popular online bookmaker. But many bettors are concerned about whether the company supports payment methods that are convenient to use in Uzbekistan. We will describe all possible methods of replenishing a deposit and withdrawing winnings, as well as specific rules and restrictions.

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Company Description

The Mostbet website started working on the international betting market in 2009. Working for more than a decade, the bookmaker has earned a good reputation and made a client base of a million regular players. Today, the company serves visitors from 93 countries, making about 800,000 sports bets daily.

Users from Uzbekistan register on Mostbet uz, choosing a convenient way:

  • in one click;
  • through social media profiles;
  • by mobile number with code +998;
  • by e-mail.

Be sure to indicate your country when registering. In the future, the system automatically selects payment system options available in the region.

A distinctive feature of Mostbet is a generous bonus policy. The welcome gift on the first deposit is 125%. In Uzbekistan, the maximum prize for new customers is 3,000,000 soums.

A single cash account is issued on the site for sports betting and gambling entertainment in the casino. Bonus balances are maintained and wagered separately.

Methods And Features Of Account Replenishment

Players from Uzbekistan today use two main ways to deposit money on a game deposit – bank cards and cryptocurrencies. But each method has its own characteristics. Let’s list them.

Deposit Using UzcardPay And VISA/MasterCard

Both of these methods require the presence of issued bank credit or deposit cards. The UzcardPay national system allows using Uzcard and Humo online card products. To top up, do the following:

  • click on the orange “Deposit” button in the upper right corner of any page of the website;
  • select UzcardPay in the opened list;
  • dial the amount in UZS that you want to deposit to your account in the BC;
  • enter the card number;
  • specify the period of its validity;
  • enter the phone number to which the verification SMS code will be sent.

After confirmation with this code, the money will go to the game balance almost instantly.

Using VISA and MasterCard cards, the interface is almost the same. Only in the payment details you will still need to add items such as CVV (three-digit number on the back) and the name of the owner. Indicate the latter as it is written on the plastic card itself.

The minimum deposit amount for these methods is 10,000 UZS. The maximum betting company does not limit. It is subject to the limits of financial institutions that issued cards.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

The following cryptocurrencies are suitable for settlement with the Mostbet bookmaker in Uzbekistan:

  • bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • dash;
  • Tether;
  • Zcash;
  • Dogecoin;
  • Ripple.

Here the minimum amounts are floating. For some units, they start from 50,000 UZS, for others – from 200,000 UZS. This is due to the high exchange rate volatility of cryptocurrencies.

The replenishment procedure is also not the same for each of the units. It all starts with the same entrance to the “Deposit” section and the selection of a suitable wallet. But then the interface is different. For example, when choosing Tether or Dash, a window opens in which you need to specify the amount and number of your wallet. If you click on the Bitcoin option, a form with a QR code will open, from which you immediately need to go to the cryptocurrency account and already indicate the amount of replenishment there.

When choosing Ripple, you will have to use the services of one of the exchanges for the exchange and sale of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, here you need to copy the account number in the BC in advance in order to indicate it in the payment form on the selected site. But no matter what method the client uses, the transfer will take place instantly.

Other Methods

At the time of the summer of 2022, other settlement instruments with this BC in Uzbekistan are not provided. But earlier QIWI and WebMoney were also accepted. The logo of the last system still remains in the information interface of the official website. Therefore, there is still a chance that Uzbek owners of WMZ-purses will be able to use them to replenish their account in

Withdrawal Methods

The key rule of BC Mostbet is that the withdrawal of winnings is available only in the same directions in which the deposit was made. There may be several of them, in which case the system calculates the proportion and determines how much money is available for ordering for each of the payment instruments.

The minimum withdrawal amount to cards is 20,000 UZS, to cryptocurrency accounts – floating numbers. Given that the details were specified when replenishing the balance, they are automatically entered in the request form for the payment of winnings. Do not try to order a transfer to another card or crypto wallet.

But what to do if the card is blocked or its expiration date has expired. In such a situation, you need to contact the bookmaker’s technical support service and go through the additional verification procedure. Usually, the company meets the client halfway and quickly pays the money to the new confirmed details.

Important Rules And Restrictions

An extremely important point: replenish your game account only with cards that belong to you personally. The fact is that the input is available without prior verification. Even without filling out personal data in the profile, you can replenish the balance.

But in order to withdraw, in any case, you will have to go through the account identification. With such verification, the client provides:

  • passport or any ID-document confirming identity and date of birth;
  • proof of actual place of residence, for example, a receipt for payment of housing and communal services not older than three months;
  • selfie with passport/ID-card.

If the player requests a payout to a bank card, then it must also be verified. To do this, BC managers need to send her photo from both sides. On the front cover all the digits of the number except the last four. On the back – do not show the CVV code. Obviously, during such a check, it will be revealed if the client made a replenishment not from his details.

Considering that the bonus for the first deposit can be received only after filling out the personal profile and confirming the phone, e-mail, address, we recommend that you go through a full account verification immediately after registration. This will save you from unnecessary misunderstandings when replenishing and withdrawing money.

Another important rule: In order to request funds for a payout, you must at least once scroll through the replenishment amount in the sports betting section or in the casino. Only bets with odds of at least 1.30 participate in such wagering. This restriction is a way to combat illegal money laundering. It is used by the vast majority of online bookmakers.

Any transactions are carried out without commissions from bookmakers. But tariff payments to banking institutions are not excluded. They are stipulated in contracts for specific card products.

The term for crediting funds when replenishing the balance is instant, unless there is a delay on the side of the payment system. The withdrawal usually takes 5-15 minutes, but according to the rules of the bookmaker, it can take up to 72 hours.

The betting company strictly stipulates in the rules that it is the player who is responsible for paying any tax fees. Carefully study domestic legislation in this area and report to the tax office in time so as not to have problems with the competent authorities.

Possible Problems When Making A Deposit Or Withdrawing Winnings

In the planned mode of operation of the bookmaker, transfers are carried out quickly and reliably. But there are also some problems:

  • there is no suitable payment system in the list of available options – this may be temporary if it was present before;
  • the money left the card, but did not come to the BC – most often this indicates a delay on the part of the bank, and the funds will arrive a little later;
  • there is no payment after three days after the order – perhaps the client made a mistake in the details or ordered a transaction to an invalid wallet.

Mostbet is responsible for financial relationships with users. If you encounter any problems, please contact technical support. You will receive a reasonable answer and explanations within a few minutes.

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