No Deposit Bonuses – Should You Accept Them Or Not

When it comes to the casino industry, we have to give casino operators kudos for all their ingenuity to hook you as a player to become a regular. There is no doubt you have come across the deposit bonus offers, mainly given as a welcome bonus, when you register for the first time at a casino. However, you should know that many online casinos offer no deposit bonuses for various reasons. No deposit bonuses can be used as an advertising strategy by casinos and before they allow you to withdraw any winnings from the bonus offer, they will make sure you have played for a much longer time to guarantee that they will not lose from your cashing out on no deposit bonuses. [pullquote]The question that many ask is if you should accept no deposit bonuses? We will give a few reasons supporting and a few cons, to give you a better idea if you should opt for these sort of deals.[/pullquote]  After all, there is still a chance where you can win a jackpot with your bonus.

No deposit bonuses frequently go by some other names, such as ‘free money bonus’ or ‘sign up bonus’. This kind of bonus is free money in the sense that it is granted to players’ accounts upon registration, without obliging them to an initial payment any of their own real money. More importantly for some, is that you do not need to hand over any banking information to play at the casino.  Accepting the no deposit bonus does mean that you can select whether or not to deposit at a later date. Once you use up all the free money for placing bets, you can choose not to deposit your real cash. It is far from free money in the sense that you cannot just withdraw the cash after claiming the bonus.

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Bonus cash is identical to real cash in most but two ways. You cannot withdraw bonus cash straight after registration, as it is subject to wagering requirements, making it extremely hard if not impossible to cash out. More like real cash, you may be allowed to take away any earnings you make whenever you play with the bonus money once you have fulfilled these specifications. These specifications may range from a set amount to a factor of betting, called wagering. This wagering means you have to bet the total amount of bonus a certain amount of times, on an average of 25 to 100 times, before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings.

Bonus offers come in handy when it comes to players who would like to try a brand new casino game without having to use their own real cash. The bonus cash acts more as a free sample, which will allow you to try the casino’s desktop or mobile games and see whether or not you would like to carry on playing. You may continue to play your newly found favorite game or you might just decide against playing it for real money. In this light, no deposit bonus comes in handy for you.

Another type of no deposit bonus offered by casinos is free spins on slot games. As detailed by Real-Money-Casinos, free goes on the one-armed bandit are typically restricted to a specific slot game to help you become accustomed to the overall game play. Up to two hundred or more free spins may be issued to players, depending on the casino site. At times, these sort of offers are available to new players, but in other instances, they may be presented as a specific promotion for existing members.   The downside is free spins are also subject to wagering requirements and are often even more handicapped than general no deposit bonuses. NZOnlinePokies offers some great insight into the nuances of free spins and how to win with them.

No deposit bonuses may be hard to cash out due to some rigid specifications, but they are indeed helpful when testing out a new game or trying out a new online casino.  The chances of winning are fairly low but some players have won big jackpots off their free spins.

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No Deposit Bonuses – Should You Accept Them Or Not

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