How Technology Is Revolutionizing Online Gaming

A lot of times, technology is avoided by companies mainly because of their fear that something might happen and they don’t know how to respond. In some occasions, industries fear new technologies mainly because of its cost. But as time goes by, access to technology increases and the cost lessen. That’s when there’s an increase in adoption in industries.

And when it comes to an industry that is very open to new technology, the online gaming industry is certainly one of them as it is practically synonymous with tech developments. The reason for this is due to the fast pace industry that could even make big players lose their customers if they don’t cope with the changing times. So, how exactly has technology revolutionized the online gaming space and the way players interact with it?

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Improved Interaction

One of the things that make online gaming so popular is the fact that you basically have limitless access to all the best games on offer. However, what if there are technologies such as the Libratus that can defeat not only casual poker players but even pros? That’s the extent which poker has been changed by Artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

You might be thinking AI isn’t anything new as chess AI has been around for quite some time, and you’d be right. It’s even gotten to the point where the chess AI was so good that it was even able to defeat Russian Chess Grandmaster, Garry Kasparov. However, while chess has always been known to be a very hard game due to the many possibilities, poker is in fact actually even more tricky in terms of AI.

In chess, all the AI has to do is analyze each box for a total of 64 squares. On the other hand, there are a lot of variables to consider when you play poker. Given the many factors involved, it is surprising how AI has been able to mimic the games of professional poker players.

AI isn’t just beneficial to players trying to improve their strategy by learning straight from an AI that is pro-level in terms of skills. You also have AI technology being used to maximize the profits for the online casinos. How exactly does it work? AI can prevent people from opting out of the online casino asking them if there is anything that the platform can do to keep them playing. In addition to this, concerns and questions don’t have to be answered directly by people on the other end of the line. Online casinos can minimize the manpower in their daily operations.

Improve The Level Of Gameplay

Since AI is known for its ability to beat the pros, what it means is that it can help widen the number of people who are going to go to an online casino. Though the difficulty is going to be raised, it is also possible to get more people to try their luck and their strategy against an AI.

Improved Transparency

If you look at this recent infographic published by, you will realize just how much potential blockchain technology has. Blockchain technology has been used by a number of industries. But before discussing it, what exactly is blockchain? And also, how can blockchain improve overall transparency in online casinos?

The blockchain is basically a public ledger that everyone can see. Blocks are information that has been validated and added to the public ledger. Blocks are then connected to each other, thus the name blockchain. It has been used in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, aside from speculation and the possible use in finance, blockchain tech is also a great addition to the online gaming industry as it can help improve the trust and transparency in an online casino.

Since the blockchain is visible to everyone, all transactions are transparent. These are information that aren’t normally accessible by the public when you are making use of a centralized system. This reason alone makes blockchain highly beneficial for players as it gives them the insight and knowledge to decide whether or not the casino is trustworthy, and therefore if they should play at the casino or not.

Utility Of Cryptocurrencies

If you have bought a cryptocurrency and you are still wondering where you can use it, then perhaps online casinos could be your perfect solution since some of them have now started accepting cryptos as a deposit method. With the fast and seamless transaction offered by blockchain tech, this is another option if you don’t have plans of using your cash from your bank account.

Though we have a bear market today for cryptos, this is still a good way to bring adoption into the limelight. Though cash is still the most popular option, having cryptocurrencies means that it is an option. Also, there are some online casinos today that are selling their own token.

Superb Gameplay And Graphics

Technology has stopped people from visiting actual casinos for a number of reasons. Actual casinos can be costly to go to. You have to consider booking a hotel and traveling all the way to the location. Now, thanks to the improvements in technology, games are looking better than ever before. Better still, you no longer have to have the best hardware in order to take advantage of these wonderful graphics as they even work on integrated graphics cards. In short, players can now get the feel of an actual casino even from home. If incredible graphics alone isn’t quite enough for you, there’s even VR!

Technology is a good thing, especially when it comes to the online gaming industry. Judging by statistics alone, technology has certainly intrigued a growing number of players onto the online space. In a day and age where convenience and speed is everything, unless you physically live next to a casino, online gaming is the way forward.

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