How Innovations In Online Gaming Have Driven The Industry Forward

The online gaming industry is one driven by innovation and technology; barely a month passes before another accessory or concept is released to industry professionals and the wider public. Some would say that gamers have never had it so good. Indeed, the sector has never been more dynamic, or accessible. Others would muse that this is a mutually beneficial relationship, increasing the popularity of gaming, and pushing the industry forward at a rate of knots. One thing is for sure: the gaming industry is not in the habit of looking backward.

Photorealistic Graphics And Improved Sounds

Perhaps the most obvious innovations are those made in the fields of sound and vision. The use of photorealistic graphics and 3D technology, as well as increasingly authentic sound effects and cleverly integrated soundtracks, means that games are more enjoyable than ever. Regardless of whether they’re playing a historical action game such as Assassin’s Creed, a strategy title such as Call of Duty, or a game steeped in fantasy or science fiction such as League of Legends, players are able to live in the moment, entering worlds as believable as their own. People enjoy online gaming because it allows them to escape the everyday. Realistic graphics and sound, therefore, are huge factors in the success of a game.

Virtual Reality And Improved Realism In Gaming

Accompanying photorealistic graphics and genuine sound effects are concepts such as virtual reality, gesture control, augmented reality, and motion recognition. [pullquote]Gamers want to not only play games but also live them, and to experience the same kinds of things that their avatars can.[/pullquote] The gaming industry is currently powered by virtual and augmented reality, with innovations enabling players to immerse themselves in the world of their characters. The gaming experience is more interactive, and authentic, than ever, which is particularly beneficial for those who like to frequent online casinos. Online gambling in New Jersey, for example, has been greatly improved by the introduction of 3D graphics, live dealers, and augmented reality, which enables players to enter the moment as if they’d just walked onto the casino floor. Games such as poker, roulette, cards, and dice are greatly enhanced by such innovations.

Smartphones And The Rise Of Mobile Gaming

Current technology is not only altering what players see and experience during gaming but also how they access such content. The rise of mobile and cross-platform gaming, in particular, has been hugely beneficial to the industry, giving it more scope to expand in every direction imaginable. Mobile gaming has also introduced an entirely new audience to the world of online gaming; certain stereotypes regarding gamers have existed for many, many years but are simply not the case anymore. Is there such a thing as a typical gamer now? These new gamers often choose to access free browser titles and mobile apps such as Candy Crush, Bejeweled and Sudoku to pass the time during their commute, or quiet evenings. The industry is at once invigorated with cross-platform opportunities, and the chance to create merchandise and in-game purchases.

A Seamless Link Between The Digital And Real Worlds

Thanks to these recent innovations, the digital and real world are more intrinsically linked than ever before; gamers are encouraged to blur the lines between realism and fantasy, and play in a moment that may or may not exist. Social media falls within these blurred lines, a real world that exists online. Streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube have made it quick and easy for gamers to share their experiences online, creating an unbreakable bond between gaming and social media. Indeed, gaming is now more sociable than it’s ever been. This works in the industry’s advantage, spreading the latest news more quickly than advertising is able to achieve. Thanks to complex narratives and the plot devices that drive stories forward, many games are indistinguishable from real life – much like the content that’s shared on social media.

The relationship that exists between online gaming and innovation is an interesting and integral one; if it weren’t for players’ desire to experience their games in new and exciting ways, it would be safe to assume that far fewer innovations would have been made. Similarly, if it weren’t for improved technology and the industry’s capabilities to apply such advancements, the popularity of online gaming might not have peaked as incredibly as it has done. As each drives the other forward, it’s safe to say that the gamer is coming out on top – and that players still have so much to look forward to.

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Online Gaming Innovations Have Driven The Industry Forward

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