How To: Get Jersey Shore Hair

Let me just go ahead right now and place a stupid warning on this article. After all, it’s about Jersey Shore. It’s the infamous show that everyone who watches it denies ever seeing. I remember back in the first season when the show’s ratings skyrocketed, yet everyone was saying how bad it was and how they wouldn’t watch it. By the time the second season came around, it became clear that we were all closet Jersey Shore junkies. Of course, I haven’t ever personally seen the show. *cough cough*

If you are one of the lucky ones with enough self-confidence to admit that you pump yo’ fist to Jersey Shore, you know that the hair poufs and the cleavage on that show should have their own agents. If you have no idea what this article is about so far, I hate to say it, but you don’t know jack about current American television (which might be a good thing).

I met Snooki at WrestleMania in Atlanta last month. What the heck is a Jersey Shore girl doing hanging out with John Morrison at WrestleMania? Wait… what the heck was I doing hanging out at WrestleMania? The answers to those questions are for another day. The point is, she had big hair in real life. I mean, like, really big hair. She had the kind of hair where a family of small animals could be living and nobody would know, not even her. If you are a guy or a girl who has always dreamed of having the Jersey Shore hair pouf, this infographic is for you. Remember, you can never use too much hairspray or lip gloss. #jerseyshoreftw

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How To Jersey Shore Hair

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