Is It Really Johnny Depp or Not?

In the video below Kandee Johnson transforms into Johnny Depp, can you tell the difference?

Since we are a creative crew, we often feature various artists on BitRebels. We try to find people that will inspire you, artists that will give you that one idea you’ve been looking for to carry your own dream a bit further.

In this article, I’d like to feature one of those artists. Her name is Kandee Johnson and she is a very creative and very talented costume makeup artist. Kandee, similarly to iJustine, has built up a huge internet following.

She loves to create ‘how to’ videos for her fans, each one showing exactly how to transform into a famous person from a movie or television show.

While this might not sound exciting to read, wait until you see what this girl is capable of. In the video below, she shows how someone can transform into Edward Scissorhands for Halloween.

If you watch the first 30 seconds of this video, you will think that you are looking at Johnny Depp, but it isn’t, it’s Kandee. She then goes on to show you step by step how she made the transformation.

This is a very unique kind of artistry which fascinates me because this talent goes far beyond makeup. She actually transforms and becomes the whole package: makeup, hair, mannerisms, facial expressions, clothing, everything to actually become the character.

She not only does this with Edward Scissorhands, but also with Michael Jackson, Cleopatra, and many others. I put a few more pictures of Kandee below for you to check out. To learn more about her, go to her blog at

The picture featured above is Kandee as Uma Thurman.

It is worth mentioning that this video was posted on YouTube 7 days ago and already has 331,000 views and over 7,000 comments.

Sit back, relax, and prepared to be entertained with this one: