How To Clean Vape Pods For Beginners

It is essential to keep your vape pods clean. As simple as it looks, a vape pod that is not properly maintained can cause lots of trouble the next time you want to vape.

When you puff, a clean, hygienic vape pod will give you the smoothest experience and prolong your device’s life.

It is best practice to clean a vape pod every time you change it. Doing so keeps the pod device working at its best. This will prevent the new flavour of vape juice from being impacted by the flavour that came before it in the tank.

Here is everything about cleaning vape pods.

 Clean Vape Pods Beginners


What You Need To Clean A Vape Pod

You only need a paper towel and warm water to clean a vape pod. Keep it simple. For more in-depth cleaning, some use dishwashing liquid, antibacterial cleaner, cotton buds, and alcohol.

Cleaning a vape pod often takes seconds to do. It is far easier to clean a vape pod than any other device, though this depends on the type of vape pod and how it functions.

Different Parts Of Your Vape Pod

Vape pods come with small pods of vape juice that clip onto the device. This saves you the mess of refilling and filling the correct amount of e-liquid.

Vape pods include the mouthpiece, battery, tank, and an on/off button. You also have a charger cable, which is likely USB, though some plug directly into the wall.

A vape pod does not have a traditional open tank or mod vape system that needs to be taken apart and cleaned. A vape pod is one of the easiest devices to clean because you do not pour liquids into the pod.

Vape Pods May Have A Built-in Coil

You can remove the coil from some vape pods, but others cannot be replaced and are built into the device. If this is true, you cannot clean the whole device.

In some cases, you may not see the inside of the device where the e-liquid is stored. That is alright. To maintain this kind of vape pod, keep the mouthpiece clean. Wipe germs with a paper towel, dishwasher liquid, or antibacterial cleaner to keep them away.

Vape Pods With Removable Coils

Some vape pods have removable coils. Put your vape pod over the sink and carefully remove the coil to clean it. Some liquid can come out, so doing it near the sink is critical.

Rinse your vape pods in warm water. This will remove dirt and wash out any e-liquid still in the pod. Take some paper towels and dry the vape pod as best as possible. Next, shake the pod quickly to remove any water inside it.

Water left behind may impact your next puff and negatively affect your e-liquid’s purity. Let everything air-dry; all you have to do is prime your coil, refill, and vape.

Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean Your Vape Pod

You should not need warm water to clean a vape pod. That said, if your pod is noticeably dirty and there is a residue that will not come off, some users find using isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol to clean the parts with built-up residue will do the trick.

Replace Your Pod

Remove the empty old pod to replace one in your vape device. Find the tank. Find the pod access point. Enter the new one. If you have questions about replacing your pod, many YouTube tutorials can demonstrate how.

If you have your manufacturer’s instructions, those will also have the how-to written.

A new, clean vape pod typically lasts up to three days, though sometimes this is extended to five. This depends on the pod size you have, the type of device, the type of e-liquid, and, of course, how often you’re vaping.

Do Not Soak Your Vape Pod

A last and critical note is not to soak your vape pod in water. Most vape pods do not have protection built into the design to prevent water flooding. This can permanently damage a vape pod.

This is why, in how to clean a vape pod, like other vape devices, you can soak specific components but never immerse them in water.

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 Clean Vape Pods Beginners


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