It’s A Dad’s Life: A Daddy Gangsta Rap

I have plenty of friends on Twitter who are dads, and to be honest, I sometimes wonder how they manage to fit it all in. Their tweeting is off the hook, and still they have a day job to go to every day. And as if that wasn’t enough, they also have a family to take care of. It really ought to impress anyone who has even the slightest trouble getting to work on time even without a family. So where is the Empire Avenue achievement for that? Where is the Twitter recognition badge for continuously not failing to keep up with all your close friends on Twitter? Where is the free coffee of the day at Starbucks for having the time to pass by and grab a cup?

I am not saying that we should get special treatment, but it sure would have been awesome if on Father’s Day there were some off the hook deals to be considered. The life of a father is ultimately thrilling in every way, and I highly recommended it once you have gotten your shit together. The guys behind the YouTube channel NoneMoreNegative are obviously kicking ass since they have gone to great lengths to create one of the geekiest music videos ever with their “It’s A Dad’s Life.

It’s a gangsta rap Father’s Day thing that will have you laughing your socks off to say the least. I wonder if all dads feel like this or if it is just a select few. Either way this is probably one of those things that will linger on forever in the back of our minds, and you should always remember it when you are going to the store, taking your kids to the park or even when cooking dinner for them. It’s all a gangsta rap life you know. So kick that dirt off your shoulders and get jiggy with it! Peace!

Dad Life Gangsta Rap Video