Legal Online Casino Sites In New Jersey vs. Illegal Casino Sites

The gambling industry, including online casino sites, in New Jersey, has been known for its fickleness since its first appearance up to recent times. As NJ tries to stand up to its Nevada competition, lawmakers have been forced to fight great battles.

An ultimate victory was won on February 27th, back in 2013, when the official signing of a bill made online gambling legal in the state of NJ. Casinos were already there, a couple of decades old, and desperately needed something to bring them back to life. In this regard, the online gambling act which came with strings attached actually connected these sites to the brick-and-mortar casinos.

How NJ Online Casinos Work

For NJ online casinos to become legal, they need to get a license from the Division of Gaming Enforcement. Permits aside, the catch here is that online casinos can operate legally only if they partner with a real casino and use their gambling license. Hence, some casino owners started their own sites, while others partnered with individual ones.

Nonetheless, rules are made to be broken. Despite the law which states clearly that the sites’ servers need to be based in NJ, offshore online casinos have sprung up and taken up a large chunk of the market. These sites don’t fall under any jurisdictions, but just because they’re not regulated by law doesn’t mean they’re legal. On the contrary, they can simply take your money and walk away freely.

How To Recognize Legal Online Casinos From Illegal Ones

[pullquote]Illegal online casino sites may look alike their legal counterparts. However, due to the lack of legal control, they have no responsibilities towards the state or their customers.[/pullquote]

One main distinction between the legal and illegal online casino sites lies in the financial security that legal online casino sites provide, as opposed to the offshore ones. The former can be found guilty if any amount of money is missing from a user’s account. In the meantime, illegal sites can simply decide to take the money and shut down, with no repercussions whatsoever.

Today’s cyber criminals place all Internet users at the risk of having your personal information stolen and misused. However, legal sites prove their loyalty, as they require such inputs from all first-time players for their own safety. On the other hand, illegal sites just want to grab a hold of your Social Security number or bank account password.

Although it may seem less important, but regular software checks are just as important as identity checks. For all you know, they might profit every time you play at their rigged tables or slots. That’s why licensed online casinos in NJ run regular card deck tests and random number generators, notwithstanding the fact that illegal ones are not concerned by this aspect.

All in all, a safer bet may get you a greater win in this situation. Just bear in mind that the games may continue to be played the same way, but you need to make sure you don’t get played as well.

Legal vs. Illegal Online Casino Sites

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