Lego Star Wars: Hilarious Stop Motion Recap Of Entire Trilogy

There have been a lot of Star Wars articles lately, but that’s because it’s such a huge phenomenon and will probably stay that way… forever! To further build on the pile of Star Wars awesomeness, I decided to find out if there were any more things that might soothe a geek’s inner yearning for more of the star dusted movie series. There are a LOT of other things I could put into articles here at Bit Rebels it turns out. To spare you from most certain boredom to death, I am only going to share bits and pieces of my enormous findings.

So for my last Star Wars article (for a while), I am going to share with you a truly hilarious stop motion movie recapping the entire trilogy (the original three movies). I have always enjoyed people’s creativity in stop motion cinematography. The sets and the creativity have never ceased to inspire and amaze me since they are always so seamless. Well, maybe they aren’t the best animations, but the scripts are what always speak to you. Without them, the stop motion short movies would be flat and uninteresting in my opinion.

I will spare you more of my analysis of this YouTube phenomenon to be, and I’ll leave it to you to make your own judgment and to entirely enjoy this really interesting and funny stop motion of one of movie history’s most successful franchises. May the force be with you!