How To Cash In With Free Spins Bonuses

Whenever casino players hear the words free spins or no deposit bonuses, one of the first things that come to mind is “hey, what’s the catch?”. The truth is, these online casinos want you to signup and they are willing to offer these freebies as a means of getting you in the door. These free spins bonuses don’t make any initial profits for the casino but they make up for it down the road when the players keep on gambling. So if you want to just sit back and only collect the freebies, you are certainly welcome to and there are a lot of players that do just that. This is also what is known as bonus hunting and goes by a few other names like bonus hunters or no deposit players.

How Much Money Can You Make?

At they have over 100 free spins bonuses and over 25 no deposit bonuses for players to claim. It can take anywhere from 10 to 20 freebies to claim before you can make a cashout provided you are playing with a good strategy and this is for just playing slots only. If we assume that you would win every 20 bonuses you claimed, you would be making a cashout about 6 times in total which if we assume an average cash out value of $100, that’s an easy $600 you could rake in.

The Fine Print

Well, there is a small catch but it’s not as bad as you think and it all comes down to what’s in the terms and conditions. Let’s say you are given something like 50 free spins or $50 no deposit bonus, the fine print will always stipulate that there is a maximum cash in value and that amount varies from casino to casino but usually it ranges from $50 to $100. Keep in mind you’ll only want to play at recommended casinos, otherwise, you’ll be forced to file a complaint with a mediator accredited by the UKGC.

Free Spins vs No Deposit Bonuses

Most free spins bonuses (FS) work like no deposit bonuses (ND). With free spins, you get a set number of free spins rather than a cash amount and, of course, for no deposit, you’ll have a specified cash amount to start with as your balance. Most no deposit bonuses work only for slots. It is rare that you can play other casino games but sometimes you can play keno and scratch cards for no deposits.

Free Spins Bonuses Tutorial

How Free Spins Bonuses Work

You might see a phrase like ‘no deposit free spins’ and wonder what does that mean exactly? It means you don’t need to make any deposit to claim the bonus and you only need to register to collect it. There are other free spins bonuses which require a deposit to be activated. This requires reading the fine print a little or you can just ask a live chat agent to explain the terms. Otherwise, every bonus term is fully explained on the website.

[pullquote]Look out for something called promotional terms and conditions.[/pullquote] Often if you do have to make a deposit, you’ll be automatically claiming their signup bonus which averages to be around 100% so if you deposited $100 or 100€, you’ll often get that matched to start with $200 (or 200€) and be given free spins on top of this.

If you are consistent, these high match bonuses (or signup bonuses) will actually give you a profit as long as you complete the wagering requirements first of course. After you have claimed every signup bonus you possibly could, most of the fun is over but you’ll then be part of all of those casinos databases which means you’ll get all of their latest bonus offers. The good news about this is you can now wait for the bonuses you want to claim and you’ll be given more free spins, no deposit bonuses, birthday bonuses and as many match bonuses as you want.

Good luck at the casino!

How To Cash In With Free Spins Bonuses

Free Spins Bonuses Tutorial