What Makes Online Bingo Such A Household Pastime?

While there are many forms of gambling, namely online casino, poker, and sports betting, there is one medium that seems to have become a household activity. That is of course online bingo! Granted, the first three might be flashier and funnier courtesy of their audacious TV ads, that have increased by 46% over the last 4 years in terms of advertising spend, but online bingo continues to capture an important slice of the zeitgeist. Are you wondering what lies behind this popularity? It’s pretty simple, the loyalty a bingo patron shows to their preferred bingo site is second to none. The loyalty is evident in the numbers. A recent survey showed that 45% of patrons are members at between 1-5 different bingo brands. That might sound a lot, but considering the number of bingo sites available today, that is a pretty remarkable feat.

Bingo Chat Rooms

Bingo sites tend to show their appreciation by showering their patrons with bonuses, gifts, and other nominal prizes. But what keeps most members coming back to a specific site is their chat rooms, which is the social aspect of the game. It allows them to play their favorite game while at the same time they can talk to their friends that might be hundreds of miles away, or even in a different country, all under the watchful eye of the chat moderators. The banter you can experience while in one of these chat rooms is lively and sometimes even a bit cunning, but above all, it showcases the community part of online bingo. More advanced bingo sites have taken it a step further by allowing their members to share their winning moments on camera. In fact, a few years back some lucky roomies witnessed a wedding proposal live that later went viral. The gist? Socializing has become a key attribute that gives bingo patrons an instant gratification.

Nostalgia Meets A Whole New World

Nostalgia is a very powerful feeling as it plays a huge role in shaping our behavior. [pullquote]This sentiment has made internet bingo the popular pastime it is today.[/pullquote] It all started years ago when older people would visit their local bingo hall to socialize with other people their age. Despite the drop in the number of bingo halls available today, there are people that still consider this their weekly or daily appointment. But as with everything, the evolution of technology has created the world of online bingo that has grown the industry by leaps and bounds. Essentially, this game has been passed from one generation to the other, from land-based to online. The launch of affiliate sites such as BingoFind has made it very easy for new and veteran patrons to find the perfect site for them.

Celebrity Boost

There is no better endorsement for a product or service than a bit of glamor from Hollywood or a UK based celebrity, and online bingo brands haven’t shied away from such publicity stunts. Paris Hilton is currently the face of BGO, Barbara Windsor of the EastEnders fame is left right and center for Jackpotjoy Bingo and Foxy Bingo has just announced that actress Heather Graham will be the new face of their brand as part of their £10 million advertising campaign. Such associations go a long way in creating long lasting relationships, especially if members happen to be fans of these celebrities. Moreover, these celebrities will drop by in chat rooms for a chit-chat and some gift-giving, enhancing a patron’s overall experience even further.

Online Bingo – Why Is It A Popular Household Pastime?

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