Meet Mac – The Jedi LightSaber Wielding Dog!

Aside from our cats, we have Honey, our cute dog that thinks she is a cat. She grew up with cats all around her and now she does everything a normal cat does except meow! It is fun having pets in our house, they make us forget our stress and worries. I believe if you are a pet owner you can relate to the fact that our pets know when we feel stressed or depressed, and they have their little antics that will definitely make us smile and forget all our problems!

I found a very cute video of a dog named Mac that really knows how to please his human. He is a Jedi LightSaber wielding dog. His owner made a video of him and integrated some very interesting footage from Star Wars. It’s hilarious. I’ve been so tired the past few days and watching this video surely made my day. It is amazing to see what creativity, imagination, a camera, some special effects and a very good actor can do. In this case, our actor is our super hero Mac who tries to beat the storm troopers.

Stand aside Luke Skywalker, Mac is here to save the day! I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.