How The MMORPG Genre Has Changed

The MMO genre was born a long time ago. It is believed that the beginning of its development was laid by Maze War (1973) – the first game in which deathmatch mode has been implemented. Although Maze War had the most significant influence on FPS shooters, it also greatly influenced RPGs, in particular, MMORPGs. Those who would like to increase their chances against other players should visit RPGStash – MMORPG store – and check the possible improvement options for:

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The First Graphic MMORPG

After the release of MUD, the genre began to actively develop along with computer technologies that allowed to implement more complex games, with a graphical interface and familiar controls. So, in 1991, the Neverwinter Nights game was released that is called the first graphic MMORPG in the world.

For six years, the game managed to acquire an impressive base of players – about 115 thousand. Initially, gamers had to pay $ 6 per hour. Subsequently, the price was reduced, and then NN was made entirely free for AOL subscribers.

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The Appearance Of Unusual Settings

Due to the fact that the development of RPG and MMORPG was significantly influenced by D&D mechanics, most of the multiplayer games were somehow connected with fantasy settings. Therefore, the release of EVE Online in 2003 marked a new era and showed that MMORPGs are not necessarily about elves.

EVE Online is made in a space setting so that players can explore several solar systems. The game has mechanics for the social interaction of players. Here you can join in alliances and corporations, and it is simply impossible to capture some territories alone.

Fantasy Setting To The MMORPG Genre

In the same year, Lineage II was released that is considered a prequel to the original Lineage. The game was enriched by realistic graphics, though in 2003 this could hardly surprise anyone. World of Warcraft appeared a year later, which was very different from Lineage II in visual terms.  Then it became clear that realism was not a must-have. The game had a huge impact not only on the development of the MMORPG genre but also on the game culture as a whole.

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Everyone wanted to repeat the success of Blizzard, but not everyone succeeded. After the genre has considered in the setting, it impacted the emergence of new gameplay mechanics and capabilities.

What Should Be Expected?

The MMORPG genre is actively developing nowadays. If at the very beginning the main tricks were PvP, wars, and alliances, so now PvE elements, such as farming and fishing, play an important role allowing you to spend time peacefully in the city without participating in large-scale battles.

Many people say that MMORPGs are dead. However, it seems that the genre is a long-liver as it actively develops and gains new gameplay mechanics. There are still many exciting MMORPGs ahead of us.

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