Mobile Casino Games Rule The Mobile Gaming Scene [Infographic]

When people are talking about mobile gaming, most people are likely to think about Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga. However, the fact is that the genre that is dominating the mobile gaming scene are mobile casino games. Since the very dawn of mobile applications, casino companies around the world saw the potential and moved fast when the opportunity presented itself. Today, mobile casino games stand for roughly 46% of mobile gaming apps, and it is likely to grow fast. Why is that and what are the statistics to support this claim?

Well, if we have a look at the mobile vs. web statistics presented in an infographic called “The Platform Duel: Web vs. Mobile In Social Casinos” produced by Optimove, we can clearly see why mobile casino games are so popular among both players and developers. If we focus on developers for a second, the fact that mobile players will turn into paying customers almost twice as fast as web players should be incentive enough for developers to concentrate on mobile devices. For players, who play Netent mobile casino games, for example, the mobile device has unchained them from their desks and allowed them to enjoy their gaming experiences on the go.

Mobile Caisno Games Genre Share Infographic


As many as 65% of casino players play on mobile, and this number will only increase with the development of new and more advanced mobile casino games. [pullquote]The development of casino games for the mobile platform is still in its infancy, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore where the features of the mobile device get more in the focus.[/pullquote]

Take Pokémon Go for example, the game has revolutionized the mobile gaming industry and we have never seen a bigger success in app history so far. With new features implemented into mobile casino games, we can expect more players to try them out. Perhaps these games will become a hybrid of today’s many popular game genres. The playing field is open to unlimited innovation and time will only tell where mobile casino gaming will head in the future.

Furthermore, mobile gamers play games almost twice as many days of the week as web players do. Across the board, the statistics are almost entirely to the advantage of the mobile device. The reason for this is not hard to figure out as the mobile device has become a lifeline for most people today. To be able to call and be reached whenever and wherever you are is essential today.

Have a closer look at the infographic below and you will understand why mobile casino games rule the mobile gaming scene. The future holds innovation and I have no doubt that we will first see gaming innovation within the mobile casino genre. The promise of more revenue has always inspired developers to innovate. Where there is money there will be innovation. Keep an eye on the mobile casino scene and you will get a glimpse of the future before it hits the mainstream gaming scene.

Mobile Casino vs. Web Casino PlayersMobile Casino Games Statistic Infographic

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