How Have Mobiles Changed How We Get Our Entertainment Fix?

The way we get our entertainment fix has changed over the years – and looks to change even more in the future, especially with the news that Disney is launching its own Netflix-style streaming platform. The entertainment giant not only creates their own endless slate of films, but also own Pixar, Marvel, and LucasFilm.

The Disney+ platform is expected to create a war of the streaming services as it attempts to snatch some of the Netflix and Amazon viewers for its subscription service. But this isn’t the only way in which entertainment consumption has changed across entertainment sectors.

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Online Gaming Changes

Online gaming is another way in which our tastes have changed. The rise of multiplayer to such a degree after the rise in popularity of Battle Royale games such as Dota 2 and Fortnite has increased the ways in which we can game online with others. The time spent playing doesn’t have to be as long and communities can be developed.

Twitch streaming further allows those who play online with others to hone their skills and improve as gamers through tangibly measured levels. Moving towards mobile gaming has also changed with an increase in gamers on the mobile platform.

Statistics on show that experts expect 2.344 billion active mobile gamers in 2019, up from 2 billion in 2017. Even online slots and casino games, that aren’t typically associated with mobile, have found their footing on the platform as coverage of the online casino market on demonstrates.

Streaming Overtakes TV

The television is definitely concerned that much of our entertainment consumption has moved over to our mobiles. The most obvious benefit is the fact that we can watch on the go and turn a lengthy commute or cardio session into an opportunity to watch our shows. But it’s also changed the way content is created and distributed.

The growth of binge-worthy TV means that the entire function of creating serialized episodic programming has shifted to greater quality over quantity (a series of 10 episodes released at once as opposed to 23 episodes released over 23+ weeks). As such, our viewing habits have also changed to enable us to squeeze the most out of the shows we love and the ability to dip in and out easily, which streaming on mobile allows for.

UK telecoms giant Sky have even tied in with NOW TV to try to win over customers who might want to take advantage of the ability to have the streaming platform, as well as the conventional TV channels.

The way we consume entertainment has changed and a lot of it is down to the amount of time we like to spend on our mobile phones and tablets. The fact that mobile use can rise by over 100% in a few short years shows that the general public is orchestrating the change by adjusting their ideal ways to consume entertainment – and companies are listening and delivering.

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